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Island Escape Games – Bee Caribe

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

We are always looking for something new and fun to do on Bonaire. As a visitor, you might be interested in getting to know the island and its history better. Let us introduce to you a new way to get to know the island and its history. Even better, overseas friends or family can participate.

You might have heard of escape rooms, or even before that time, the good old treasure hunt. The new activity on the island, called Island Escape Games, is all of these pieces combined. You have to solve various riddles and decipher clues to escape, but an island escape game does not take place in a closed space, but in the outdoors.

It is a fun way to discover Bonaire and 3 centuries of its history; to refresh your memories or just enjoy a new and different activity with friends, family, kids or colleagues.

By downloading the free app on your smartphone or mobile device, you are ready to enter the game. You will receive information and instructions via email and the app. With the login details, you can start the game whenever you like. No on-site instructor is needed. You can play with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people per team/device.

You will walk and drive past hidden and unique places; take on the role of a historical figure; explore the island; solve puzzles and visit places you might never have been before. You can learn all about the history, culture and nature of Bonaire in the 2½ to max 4-hour game and costs around $35 per team/ device depending on which escape game you choose.

Custom games

Have your own treasure hunt, sightseeing tour or company outing developed for your project. Teambuilding, a pub quiz or a competition with your family overseas is all possible and only a few clicks away.


The Escape games are set in the “real world” and you have to take the environment of Bonaire into account. A vehicle, such as a car or scooter, is needed to play the game and don’t forget to take water, sunscreen and skin covers to protect yourself from the Caribbean heat.

You might ask yourself, who came up with this idea? Let us introduce you to the creator of the Island Escape Games.


Bart first came to the Caribbean in 2006, when he had an overseas contract in the hospital on Aruba where he was hired for operational and business processes and logistics. After 2 ½ years, he and his future wife, who he met on Aruba, decided to move back to the European Netherlands.

Back in the Netherlands, Bart furthered his studies. After he reached his goals in his profession and career, he was still curious and wanted to explore new possibilities and focus more on the things he really enjoys, like experiencing different countries and cultures. Even though he didn’t want to necessarily return to Aruba, he and his wife missed the Caribbean and employment at Fundashon Mariadal made them return back to the Caribbean. This time to Bonaire. Now five years in, Bart has been hired[BCB1] by the body of employers for their contribution in a project by the CD (Centraal Dialoog). The Central Dialogue (CD) is a local consultative body of employers, trade unions, the local government and the Chamber of Commerce under the chairmanship of the Island Governor, with the aim of contributing through consensus to a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Bonaire. Making business or institutions understandable and functionable to all is needed in this body of employers [BCB2] and is Bart’s task. Bart would like to be involved in different solution processes concerning our society and communities and give back to Bonaire in that way.

The Island Escape Games started at the end of last year and Bart has received many enthusiastic reactions about how he is bringing Bonaire to the people in a modern way. Bart is still working on improvements and developments; working together with other companies on the island and listening to feedback to improve the experience even more. To Bart, creating the Escape Games seemed to be a fun way to explore Bonaire and something new to do on the island. And who better to create an app easy to use and understand than Bart. Give it a try - Escape!


Phone: +599 7851006

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