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Hooked by Sunsets - A Place Where Magic and Sunsets Happen

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

In the picturesque realm of Bonaire, where each sunset is a canvas of vibrant hues and every moment holds a touch of magic, a culinary haven has gracefully emerged — Hooked by Sunsets. Owners Roxanne, a spirited Trinidadian, and Brandon, a South African culinary virtuoso, have orchestrated a gastronomic symphony that not only captures the essence of the Dutch Caribbean, but also reflects their shared passion for exceptional food and unforgettable experiences.

Kindred Spirits


The story of "Hooked by Sunsets" begins on the shores of Curacao in 2017, where fate brought together Roxanne (Roxy) and Brandon. Roxy, convinced her deceased dad guided her, found in Brandon a caring spirit reminiscent of her father. Their initial encounter while volunteering to watch each other belongings on the beach led to a conversation about the Roxy’s most favorite pumpkin ravioli, which Brandon, the chef, had prepared, sparking an inseparable connection. Dissatisfied with the corporate life in Curacao, Roxanne, originally from Trinidad, and Brandon, seeking a new culinary adventure, joined forces. Their first venture in Curacao set the stage for a more profound journey that awaited them on the shores of Bonaire.


Finding a New Home


As the sun began to set on Curacao, so too did the couple's attachment to the island. They yearned for a place that resonated with their vision, a place that mirrored the warmth, vibrancy, and friendliness they enjoyed and were passionate about. And so, the search for the perfect spot led them to Bonaire, a destination that had already etched its place in their hearts during previous visits whenever they were able to escape Curacao. In October 2023, the dream materialized in the form of Hooked by Sunsets, nestled in the now meticulously renovated space that includes an old tamarind tree — a nod to Roxanne's love for nature, a trait inherited from her dad.


Hooked by Sunsets


Hooked by Sunsets is not merely a restaurant; the ambiance is carefully curated to reflect the warmth of the Caribbean, with every detail radiating the couple's dedication to preserving the island's spirit. The menu, a culinary beverage and food canvas painted by Brandon's expertise, is a testament to their journey, a fusion of Caribbean influences and global inspirations. 

An assortment of beers and surprising cocktails are combined with small bites designed for sharing grace the menu, from tantalizing local fish ceviche with scotch bonnet, leche de tigre, and pomegranate that transports you to the Caribbean shores to comforting mushroom ravioli that whispers of European kitchens. The Louisiana ribs and the grilled snapper all have their unique flavors. Each dish, like a chapter in a well-traveled culinary novel, tells a story, inviting guests to embark on a journey of flavors. The scotch bonnet pepper is one of the ingredients that you can follow as a red line through their food and cocktail menu and an ingredient that Roxy and Brandon love alike.


Share Success

Roxy is committed to volunteering and collaborating with local organizations in the coming years, envisioning a future where Bonaire grows and prospers together. Beyond the culinary delights, the couple has also embraced the cultural and social fabric of Bonaire. Roxy’s passion for empowering young women aligns with her involvement in Trinidad's women's associations, and she envisions a similar impact on Bonaire. Strategic collaborations with the Chamber of Commerce underscore their commitment to sustainable growth, reinforcing the belief that success is most meaningful when shared.


As guests step into Hooked by Sunsets, they aren't just entering a restaurant; they're stepping into the dreams and aspirations of two passionate individuals. Roxy’s organizational finesse complements Brandon's culinary wizardry, creating a harmonious synergy that defines the resto bar’s success.



On Fridays, a DJ is spinning from 5 - 10 pm, and two happy hours from 5 – 7 pm and the second one from 9 – 11 pm will make your night out a fun one, able to enjoy the various tasty beverages from wine at $6, cocktails at $7, and tap beers at $3.


The resto bar is open from Daily from 10 am – 11:45 pm.

So, if you find yourself on Bonaire, seeking a place where magic and sunsets happen in culinary harmony, make your way to Hooked by Sunsets. Immerse yourself in the carefully crafted menu, embrace the warmth of the Caribbean ambiance, and let the magic of Bonaire unfold with each passing sunset. After all, at Hooked by Sunsets, every moment is an invitation to savor life's rich tapestry in the company of good food, warm smiles, and the enchanting hues of a Caribbean sunset.



Hooked by Sunsets

Kaya Bonaire 4C, Oceanfront Boulevard


Daily: 10 am – 11.45pm

Facebook & IG Hooked by Sunsets

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