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Flipper of Endangered Sea Turtle Found at Atlantis Beach

On May 14, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) was informed of the discovery of a flipper, belonging to a juvenile green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), in the area of the Fisherman’s Hut, next to Atlantis Beach. A passerby found the flipper on the beach and reported it to the STCB Hotline. STCB has informed the Marine Park Management to create a record.

Sea turtles have been protected on Bonaire since 1991 when the Island Council of Bonaire amended the Marine Environmental Ordinance (A.B. 1984, no 21) and as of October 10, 2010, when Bonaire became a special municipality of the Netherlands, the penalty for violating laws that relate to species listed under Article 8 of the SPAW Protocol may result in a maximum fine of US $560,000 and/or one jail time and confiscation of relevant equipment (spear gun, car, boat).

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