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Flavio Maestroni – Photography

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

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Bonaire is a special place with special people. Its laid-back approach to life, living close to nature and with all that Bonaire has to offer could be the foundation to foster unique individuals. It could also just be that, because of its small size, you notice them easier. Nonetheless, we are excited and proud of what great personalities and talent thrive on this island. Flavio Maestroni, photographer, is one of those.

Flavio Maestroni (20) came to the island with his sister and parents when he was nine years old. His parents’ made the decision to leave their home country, Venezuela, and give their children a better future, a safe environment where they could thrive.

Adapting to a new life on Bonaire was hard at first. Multiple new languages to learn and an abrupt culture shock is a lot to deal with, especially at such a young age. But freedom, hunting the iguanas down, being outdoors exploring his surroundings and becoming a passionate skate boarder were all part in developing Flav’s character and independence.

His very strict, disciplined upbringing and his passion to explore were the recipe to his success. As a skater, he learned to do tricks with never-ending repetitions, falling, getting up and doing it all over again and this became his approach and philosophy to everything in life.

When he was a teenager, he found another passion that would change his life. A $200 camera that was gifted to his sister, but was never used, became his portal to a new path. Shooting anything and anybody at first, Flavio enjoyed catching people doing what they enjoy most, showing a different perspective on things and making simple, regular things or situations look out of the ordinary. He found a new way of expressing himself.

Others slowly became aware of his work and talent when he started posting his work on his IG page and was booked for his first small jobs. Better and more equipment upped his game and the results became breathtaking, beautiful, special and spectacular.

It was not much later that Flavio decided to leave school and focus on making a career out of his passion. Of course, that wasn’t easy. His parents first wanted him to further his school education, study and have a successful career, but when they saw how serious he was about his passion and how he, with his natural entrepreneurship, created business opportunities they supported him with good advice and love.

Flavio Maestroni Photography

On Bonaire, a vacation destination, we have a high demand for marketing materials. Hotels, accommodations, food, nature, sports and special events are what we sell here and needs to be showcased to the world.

Flavio is nearly fully booked at the moment and is very grateful for his life and where he is.

Shooting the entire new windsurf gear in action by the brand Mistral, big weddings, eternalizing memories, showcasing the details of what makes a house a home, and catching the colors, light and shadow of our Caribbean Island, you will find all of it on his IG and website.

You can book him for your real estate, business, sports, food, people photography and special event you want captured. The material will be customized to your needs in print, social media, websites or other.

Flavio works together with a videographer to complete a full marketing package if needed.

Flavio sees 2022 as the beginning of so much more to come. He has many more ideas that need to become reality and he has plans to invest and grow his business. Travel will also be in his future and connecting with the European Netherlands and the USA will be part of growing his business.

Check out his work and be amazed.


IG Flavio Maestroni

WhatsApp +599 770 1887

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