Fish thrown away

Press Release STINAPA

There are people fishing in the canals at the Cargill bridges. They are using nets and throwing fish that they don’t have a use for on land and leaving them to die.

During the weekend of 5 to 7 October, pictures were sent to STINAPA of dead fish on land and also trash left behind by people fishing with nets in the canals at the Cargill bridges.

Several times in the past, STINAPA has been informed of people fishing with nets in the canals at the Cargill bridges. The entire area of Pekelmeer is private terrain of Cargill and also an important protected wetland area for birds (RAMSAR) where trespassing (and human activities such as hiking, fishing, dog-walking, operating drones, etc.) is forbidden.

STINAPA will pay more attention to this area and will take measures against anyone who does not comply with these rules, especially if rubbish is left behind and fish are thrown on land instead of returning them back alive into the ocean.

The use of nets and and all human activities in Pekelmeer is prohibited.

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