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F.K.K. Animal Rescue Open Day

Feature Story Island Life Xp Bonaire

Date : Saturday, the 19th of May, 2018

Time: 11 am - 3 pm

Location FKK - Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers

On Saturday, the 19th of May, 2018, FKK invites the Bonairean community to join them in their 4 year anniversary celebration and look at the shelter and its residents.

F.K.K. Animal Rescue is a foundation with a no-kill shelter policy.

Founded in May, 2014, F.K.K. Animal Rescue focuses on:

- The collection, care, rehabilitation and (re)socialization of stray dogs and cats.

- The collection, care, rehabilitation and (re)socialization of the Animal Protection Bonaire (Dierenbescherming Bonaire) confiscated dogs and cats. These confiscations are usually the result of neglect and/or severe mistreatment of the confiscated animals.

- Placement of the animals in a loving, caring and safe environment.

- Maintaining contact with the new “owners” after relocation of the animals to stay informed about the living conditions and thus the welfare of the relocated animal.

- Providing permanent shelter for dogs and cats that can’t be placed in a new home. The no-kill policy of the foundation ensures a home for the animals to enjoy for the remainder of their lives in a caring environment.

Open Day 2018

This year will be the first annual celebration F.K.K. has organized. On the Open Day, you will be able to see the property, where at this time 90 dogs and 25 cats have found shelter and are waiting to find a loving owner and a new home.

Over the years, F.K.K. has expanded and grown into an institution that is needed, strictly following their no-kill policy. On the day of celebration, you can visit the different kennels, the dogs and cats and can ask any questions to the F.K.K. founders, Peter and Patrice.

There will be cold drinks and food available and the proceeds will benefit the pets. In a lottery you can take a chance on a great massage, dinner, lunch and much more.

It is not possible to adopt any pets on the Open Day, but you can make an appointment for one of the following days.

Get Involved

F.K.K. is an initiative that depends upon your help since the island government has not granted them any aid.

Dog and cat food, construction materials, manpower, money and a lot of love are all very welcome at the Foundation.

With 8 permanent volunteers and many willing to spend their day off helping out, F.K.K. is very grateful for what they have been able to accomplish together. Now with 90 dogs, the existing space is overcrowded and F.K.K. is looking for more pet loving volunteers.

Join the day of celebration and see if your new best friend is waiting or you feel comfortable to spend some time helping out in the future.

Direction & Info

Directions: Starting at Van den Tweel

At the end of Kaya Industria at the roundabout near Van den Tweel, turn left and follow this road, called Kaya Nikiboko Zuid.

At the first roundabout go straight ahead.

At the second roundabout, with the Catholic Church on the right side, turn right onto Kaya Nikiboko Noord.

Follow this road all the way until this paved road turns into a dirt road.

Continue to follow this dirt road. Watch on the right side and once in a while you will see reference signs pointing towards our location with the inscription “KAKELVERS”. Please note: Now you are driving really in the ”Knuk”!

In approximately 2 km, you will pass a kind of sports field on the right side of the dirt road.

After about 400 m, turn right, you are now driving along a junkyard/company for truck-parts.

Follow this “road” approximately 500 m and on your left side you will find FKK Animal Rescue.

Phone: +599 780 8020

Facebook: Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers

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