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Dining Tip - Mezze Restaurant

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Mezze is a Mediterranean restaurant serving many Mediterranean and Turkish delicacies and is located on the ocean front boulevard with a big terrace area overlooking the sea.

Besides the warm and cold tapas style appetizers, such as shrimp in garlic oil, hummus, calamari, or tabbouleh served with homemade tandoori bread, there is a choice of many other dishes to share.

We started with an ouzo (anise aperitif) mixed with water on the rocks to work up an appetite and get into the Mediterranean mood. We were served humus and tandoori bread while waiting for our order.

We decided to have some of the main courses that Mezze has become famous for and we highly recommend that you give them a try.

We chose the 48 hour slow-cooked lamb shank served with couscous and the daily surprise veggies and the dried aged beef served with veggies and couscous. We paired this with a great, bold, red wine from their wine list which includes many European choices.

Both of the main courses were excellent, both in the tenderness of the meat and in the bold flavors of the spices and herbs used that were delicious. The dried age beef was beyond tender and the beef flavor was a meat lover’s dream. The roasted veggies were fresh and crisp and suited the meat perfectly. The slow cooked lamb soaked up all the flavors of the spice mix and still remained juicy.

To finish your dinner, you have various Mediterranean delicacies to choose from, such as baklava, a phyllo dough pastry with nuts and honey.

The service was very attentive, ready to help and very friendly.

Overall rating: ***** 18 out of 20

Location: **** beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean

Service: ***** excellent and friendly service

Food: ***** excellent flavors and preparation

Pricing: **** great dinner experience with good value


Kaya E.B Hellmund #17

Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays

Phone +599 786 86 31

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