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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Feature Story XpBonaire

Sunday - Tapas Night – Islander Bonaire

Sunday is the day that most of Bonaire is on the road, usually in the direction of the beach and ocean. It is a time to enjoy a day in the sun with friends and family and catch up on what has happened. Afterwards, when you are in a lazy mood with a comfortable sun glow, it is nice to continue the day with a meal to share and no cooking. At Islander Bonaire you have a great ocean view to watch the sunset as well as watching the cars cruising to see what is going on downtown.

Every Sunday you can enjoy a variety of tapas from the tapas menu that changes weekly. You can choose your 10 favorites and share them with another person. While you wait for your tapas to be prepared, you both will be served a glass of sangria which is included in the price of $45 for two people.

It is a fun way to continue your conversation with wonderful, little, ever changing tapas bites.

We chose our favorites: crispy spring rolls served with a sweet and sour sauce and a soy reduction, shrimp in garlic oil, meatballs in a hearty sauce, mushrooms with parmesan cheese, chorizo sausage, beef with bell pepper and many more great flavors.

After your tapas, they will serve you a dessert prepared by the in-house pastry chef of Sweetie Pastry.

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