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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

XpBonaire IslandLife Feature Story

Anke Gierman has been a Bonaire resident for many years. She is well known as the owner of one of the highest rated hair salons on the island. Life continues to throw you curveballs and this also applies to Anke. The life lessons she learned made her more aware and conscious and led her to new found passions in life.

Anke, who was born in Indonesia, then adopted and grew up in the European Netherlands, decided to change her life and move with her past partner to Aruba. She lived on Aruba for 5 years before she moved to Bonaire 12 years ago with her son, Kalani.

In 2008, Anke started her own business and opened her hair salon, Anke Scissors. First she worked by herself and slowly began to expand her team. After a very successful time in business, she received a diagnosis of cancer in 2013. After a life changing experience and a treatment process that she would wish on no one, her view on things started to change.

During her recovery and while away from the salon, her team, who she calls family, Jacqlyn and Kim, managed the business with their professionalism and kindness. Anke will always be thankful for the great and special team she has.

Anke, who, in the past, believed that you can only have one real passion in life realized that she had changed her mind about that. While she really loves her work in the salon, she had to admit that she has to give her new found passions space and be more conscious about her physical health and relieve her body by working fewer hours in the salon.


Her new situation made her think and resulted in the beginning of a new business idea. Thinking about what is important to her in life, she realized that she loves giving and making others feel special and happy. Receiving a gift makes most of us feel special, loved and appreciated. The more personalized it is, the more it impacts us emotionally. Anke incorporated all of this into her new business called “Difference”.

On Bonaire is it really hard to find a nice present. Let’s not even talk about special and unique. Anke takes away your stress with Difference. She will find and select personal gifts for one or many.

-At Difference you can order gifts for your friend(s), family member(s) or staff member(s).

-This can be a last minute or specially planned occasion and starts at a minimum of $20 up to an unlimited amount.

-You can personalize it as much as you want with an added letter or business card and by taking hobbies, favorites and the occasion into account.

-Of course, because of transportation and planning, it has to contain preserve able items only.

-Anke works with beautiful accessories like suitcases, wooden cutting boards or wooden trays. She focuses on sustainable accessories as much as she can.

-The smaller gift items by Difference are also available at Addo’s Book Store. The new assortment of accessories that you can add to your gift will be published online as of October, 2019.

-You can reach Anke via phone, email and Facebook listed below. She will discuss the details of the presents with you and will find the suitable items, wrap and deliver them to the right person or address for you.

The gift of appreciation

Difference started 1 ½ years ago and Anke is more than happy with its development and her decision to add something else to her life that can make so many people happy and feel special.

Even though Anke has a busy life running two businesses, a husband with a business and a child, she feels fulfilled and makes sure to make time for her family and herself. Another passion she added to her list this year is kiteboarding. She loves spending time with her son on the water and relax for a couple of hours and just be in the moment.

NOTE: Remember, if you have a business with many staff members that you are planning to give something special for Christmas, make sure you order on time.



Kaya Arucao 30 , Nawati, Bonaire

Facebook: Difference-Store

Phone: +599786 42 79

WhatsApp: +599 786 4279


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