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Central Dialogue signs joint declaration with State Secretary Van Ark

Press Release Centraal Dialoog

During her current working visit to Bonaire, State Secretary Van Ark held intensive conversations with Central Dialogue Bonaire. This is the local consultative body in which the Executive Council, representatives of employers and employees and the Chamber of Commerce participate. This is following the implementation of the benchmark social minimum note and the letter that the Central Dialogue sent to the State Secretary on July 8th, related to this topic.

During the conversations with Tamara van Ark, subjects were discussed that contribute to a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Bonaire, such as labor relations and poverty alleviation. On Thursday October 3rd, members of the Central Dialogue and State Secretary Van Ark signed a joint declaration with the aim of achieving a broadly supported and consistent socio-economic long-term policy that benefits all citizens, businesses and institutions on Bonaire.

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