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Collab Da Drogist Bonaire, Anke Scissor's & XpBonaire IslandLife

It is Carnival time again. But what are we actually celebrating with the biggest festivity of the year on Bonaire?

Many people no longer know the origin and reason for carnival. Carnival is a Christian celebration celebrated exactly 40 days before Easter. This is prior to the fast which begins right after Carnival. Carnival, as it is celebrated in the Caribbean Netherlands and especially on Bonaire, is mainly known for colorful street parades. Colorful floats fitted with bands parade in the streets, followed by a dancing crowd. Costumes are often exuberant and very colorful. Participants plan and prepare the whole year for this big celebration, showcasing hot topics in politics and community issues in ironic parody mantled in bright colors and sparkles.

The costumes are beautiful and you can see the effort and love that went into it. The makeup and hairstyles underline the beauty of the costumes and the person. During the parades, you will not only see the float participants dressed up, but many of the onlookers are also dressed and made up for the occasion. Some of them in funny costumes and others especially glamorous.

Here we take you on our journey of Carnival with our island beauty, model Ashanty Trenidad , our MUA’s, Anke Scissors and Da Drogist.


We have opted for hair extensions for this theme. With 6 mats we have transformed the hair from a bob line into a festive long-hair hairstyle. For detail, we have chosen to put turquoise extensions on the front sides to make the color theme stand out even more. The hair is styled with CHI Infra treatment, a straightener and protective product, to make it look natural. A little bit of BIOSILK serum for more shine and your hair looks beautiful for this entire period. The products and hair extensions are available at Anke Scissors.


The Carnival theme absolutely includes good makeup. Bright, colorful colors and lots of glitter come in handy here. Ashanty’s features are perfect for a tribal glam theme. With a neutral color on the eye, like black, brown and terracotta, we create a sculptured base to let the metallic and glitter colors pop. Here we used turquoise and gold in a cut crease technique. Don’t forget the full volume false lashes that are crucial for the final touches of a complete eye makeup. The rhinestones in silver and turquoise frame this beautiful eye makeup. All the makeup products we used are available on the island at the Da Druggist in Hato. They can also advise you on choosing the right products for you. Enjoy yourself and Happy Carnival!


Makeup: Da Drogist (Eye shadow Maybelline City Mini Palette, Pupa, Milani, eyelashes Ardell)

Hair extensions black and turquoise: Anke Scissors

Hair Product: Anke Scissors (CHI Infra Treatment, Biosilk treatment)

Text : Kim Anke Scissor's, XpBonaire

Hair: Kim, Anke Scissor's

Makeup: Kim/ AnkeScissors , XpBonaire IslandLife

Photo: XpBonaire IslandLife

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