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Capriccio - Restaurant Review

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Restaurant Capriccio is located on the boulevard, just outside the center of Kralendijk. It is almost impossible to miss, a new, tall, white building, built entirely according to the wishes of the owners Lorella Scandaletti and Andrea Magni. From your first step up to the terrace, everything exudes the atmosphere of a high-quality Italian restaurant. Tables are placed both inside and out, so you have the choice between air conditioning or the gentle, Bonairean breeze.

450 Different Wines

We have made a reservation and are guided to our table immediately upon arrival. Although the restaurant was very busy, we were quickly supplied with the menu and wine list, actually the wine catalog. Within the building, next to the restaurant area, there is a shop where a wide range of wines are offered from the very affordable to the very exclusive and these can not only be served, but also sold to enjoy at home. Wine expert, Lorella, has earned best of and awards of excellence since 2002, with her selections that consist of no less than 450 different wines since 2016.

Carefully selected

We opt for a bottle of Barolo Simposio which we enjoyed to the last drop. Freshly baked Italian bread and a small salad were served as an appetizer. We choose our starters which consist of shrimp, pan fried and served in spicy olive oil, a salad of beans, mango and micro greens and an antipasti platter, consisting of different types of ham, salami, cheese and Bresaola, a very tasty dried Italian beef. You can taste that Andrea carefully selects and processes his products.


Both starters promise that whatever comes out of the kitchen can only be of high quality. That promise was fulfilled in the form of ravioli, filled with meat, mushrooms and truffle sauce, and a pork tenderloin, served with red wine sauce and poached pear. The pork tenderloin was so incredibly tender that it didn't really matter whether I used the sharp or the dull side of the knife. Together with the sauce, the vegetables and the new potatoes, this perfectly balanced dish was a real feast. I promised myself not to write about the poached pears. My mother used to make poached pears in season. Of course, I cannot let my mother read about someone else’s pears and, of course, I cannot write here about the pears of my mother. As a true Italian chef, Andrea will undoubtedly understand that.


On the other hand, I can write even more enthusiastically about the ravioli. Pasta is available in all kinds, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. If you think you know just about everything about pasta, as soon as you eat at Capriccio you will find out that even the tastiest pasta can be leveled up. Andrea makes it clear with his pasta that making it is a craft. This delicious ravioli tells a story of knowledge, patience, love for food and craftsmanship. The quantities were more than sufficient and the ravioli a bit heavy, so we decided to do something we've never done before, ask if we could take home the leftover ravioli, because you want to experience this pure kitchen art to the last piece.


As we were quite satisfied, we decided to share a dessert. How could it be otherwise in an Italian restaurant, we choose the tiramisu. The latter indulgence is also balanced in detail, so that almost every ingredient can be recognized, without being excessively sweet.

Finally, we take a grappa, which triggers enthusiasm in Andrea. We not only get 2 different types, but also a professional and knowledgeable explanation. We can look back on a very tasteful evening for a price that is not very far above the average and will certainly join Capriccio more often.

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