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Cactus Blue Food Truck

Bonaire has experienced many changes and development over the past years. One has been the appearance of various food trucks on the island. It is an easy way to get a casual, quick bite in great surroundings, since they are mostly located near a beach or dive spot.

One of the first special food trucks, besides the truki di pan, the typical local trucks that offer sandwiches, was the Cactus Blue food truck. Cactus Blue was a down town restaurant for many years and when the owner decided to change over to a food truck, Cactus Blue became famous for its “ Kite Burger “ at Kite Beach and later for its Lionfish Burger.

1 year Anniversary

In October, 2017, the food truck has celebrated its 1 year anniversary with its new owner, Tamara van de Vlugt. Tamara took over the food truck in April, 2016, but because of permits and travel plans, she opened her new business in October of 2016, at a fixed spot on Donkey Beach opposite the airport, at a beach that is perfect for swimming, taking a relaxing break and close to many dive spots.


Tamara came to Bonaire on vacation in 2012. She instantly liked the island and met her future life partner. After her vacation, she returned back home to the Netherlands, but felt she would one day like to return to the island. Tamara, who has Indonesian grandparents, had always dreamed of traveling to Asia, especially to Indonesia, to explore the region where her grandparents grew up. Tamara worked in youth care for many years and wanted to request unpaid leave, but when that wasn’t possible, she just decided to quit her job and started traveling, one of her biggest passions in life.

In Asia she again met Harry, whom she had met on Bonaire, and since the chemistry was still the same, they decided to meet up again on Bonaire.

Back to Bonaire

When she arrived on Bonaire, she was looking for a job and helped out the first owner at the Cactus Blue Food Truck where she learned, among other things, the secret recipes.

Cactus Blue has known several owners, but when Tamara was again asked to help out, she and Harry) took a chance and asked if the owner was interested in selling the truck.

All - time favorites & New Flavors

The decision was made fairly quickly and Tamara became the proud, new owner of Cactus Blue.

Many guests know the Cactus Blue Kite Burger and the famous Lionfish Burger. Tamara did not change anything about the all-time favorites, but has expanded the menu with new items from her flat top grill, such as the Dutchie Burger and Harry’s favorite, the Ground Beef Wrap, along with a delicious dessert combining chocolate and peanuts, to name just a few.

Tamara and Harry, who assists her, are constantly working to improve their product and the truck and have more plans for the near future. Soon you will find Cactus Blue T shirts and caps for your great vacation memories for example.

Help the community

Tamara, who feels at home on Bonaire and is an active part of the community, noticed an article about poverty on the island and wanted to help. If you have any items that could be sold at a porch sale to buy food for the people in need, you are more than welcome to pass by her food truck and deliver the items to help our fellow citizens who struggle in their daily lives.

As a visitor, you must try her easy, delicious, ocean front food and for residents, it is a great and relaxed lunch break.


Cactus Blue

Location: Donkey Beach

Open: Monday thru Friday from 11 am – 3 pm

Call: + 599 782 7800

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