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Boudoir Bonaire

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We are a food lovers’ island with some of the most creative and passionate chefs, who understand and surprise us time and time again. The combinations, plating and the flavors are worth it. Not to mention some of the greatest locations, so that no matter if you live here or are on Bonaire as a visitor, they will be added to your greatest memories.

If you want to give your loved ones one of those special dining experiences, consider getting a Gift Voucher for them.

NOTE: due to Covid 19 measures, you need to make your reservation on time. Restaurants are only allowed a limited number of guests!

Boudoir Bonaire

Boudoir Bonaire is a cozy tropical garden restaurant with a family style atmosphere. Owner Monique will make sure that you are comfortable and your food is prepared with love.

Open 7 days a week for Breakfast and Lunch, you can choose a great sandwich, a healthy and delicious Poke bowl or one of the avocado specialties.

Christmas Holiday Brunch 25, 26th

Boudoir offers a festive, unlimited Brunch & Prosecco menu. Serving Eggs Benedict, Salmon Bomb, escargots or a delicious curry soup, to name a few, and do not forget unlimited bubbles for $29. Add $12 for each additional person. Christmas Ham & Turkey are available too!

Be sure to make your reservation on time to ensure one of the available tables.

Brunch is also available every Lazy Sunday!


7 days a week: 8 am – 5 pm

EEG BLVD #59 in Belnem

Phone: +599 717 43 21

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