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BonBons Bonaire

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Most of us who live on Bonaire know how important it is to promote and support local businesses over anything that is imported. Aren’t we lucky that there is also a pastry shop that makes the most unique and delicious sweet delicacies that we can support, almost guilt free?

We all know that feeling of rewarding ourselves with something sweet or finding a special gift for a loved one or for a friend’s celebration. Of course, we can get a chocolate bar or a frozen cake in the supermarket, but does it really fit the occasion, and more importantly, is it really that delicious?

The Pastry Specialist

Janos Vermaat is the owner of BonBons Bonaire, established in mid-2016. Janos has been working in the hospitality industry since he was 17 years old. A hard and ambitious worker, he started as an assistant cook and worked his way up to become a head chef. After an internship at one of the most prestigious 3 star Michelin restaurants in the Netherlands, he was offered a job at the restaurant and discovered his passion for pastries and learned all the finesse necessary to prepare a delicious piece of art. After several years’ experience, he took an opportunity to work for a 1 star restaurant as a pastry chef.

In 2015, Janos followed his heart and took a job at an ocean front resort on Bonaire, but very soon it became clear that it wasn’t for him. He then became part of the kitchen staff at Sebastian’s Restaurant where he is still working as a chef.

His work in the restaurant allowed him to develop his own business and BonBon’s Bonaire was born.

BonBons Bonaire relocated

First located in downtown Kralendijk, recently BonBons Bonaire moved to Kaya J.C van der Ree, opposite E Terras, close to the big church located at the roundabout. BonBons Bonaire offers special desserts, bonbons, cakes, ice cream and more to restaurants and private customers alike.

Restaurants like Cuba and Breeze’n Bites have their own creations made only for them like a cigar, a chocolate seahorse or a “snicker bar”. Janos hand selects his ingredients such as passion fruit, lime, coconut and coffee, as well as white, pink and dark chocolate and melts the ingredients into a beautiful and tasty treasure.

You can call in your order or make an appointment to discuss your wishes. Special shapes, ingredients, cakes and pralines, it is all available.


You can also find homemade BonBons Bonaire ice cream sticks next to the food truck at Warehouse. The ice cream looks like a magnum, but as you can imagine, the taste is not comparable. You have three options to pick from: passion fruit, strawberry and virgin Mojito.

Janos is also participating in the education of the island youth and their career choices. As a pastry chef, he is offering master classes where he explains the ins and outs of pastry and the profession in general, helping the youngsters to make the right choice for their future.

The new location of Bonbons Bonaire is climate controlled for the delicate and humidity sensitive chocolates and here is where Janos creates his sweet art. Janos is also considering opening the shop more hours to create a café style shop where you can pick up your favorites or enjoy a cup of coffee paired with a piece of cake. We will keep you updated!


BonBon’s Bonaire

Kaya J.C. van der Ree 2B, Kralendijk

Phone : +599 701 0708

Facebook: BonBons Bonaire

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