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Bonaire’s Tourism Recovery Plan

Press Release TCB & Diamond PR

Tourism Corporation Bonaire Joins Forces with Diamond Public Relations PR Agency Hired to Drive Awareness Campaign Throughout North America and Europe

Kralendijk - With passengers permitted to travel from Canada and the Netherlands, and conversations underway surrounding safely lifting restrictions for United States residents, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire has announced its new partnership with Diamond Public Relations LA in a targeted effort to drive awareness amongst these key market segments.

“Part of the strategy of Bonaire’s Tourism Recovery Plan is to focus on existing markets, approach a new market and to increase the average expenditure of the visitors. The new partnership between Tourism Corporation Bonaire and Diamond PR will reinforce marketing actions to achieve these goals. As the Government of Bonaire we have committed ourselves to allocate funds and reinforce collaboration to position Bonaire as a safe tourist destination and to strengthen resilience from the effects of COVID19,” said Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Commissioner of Tourism and Economic Affairs of the Government of Bonaire.

However, this is not a short-term plan to rebound from the pandemic; the new partnership is part of a larger, long term initiative to shine a light on Bonaire, the island has always been at the forefront of nature preservation and conservation and strives to be one of the top eco-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. The island accomplishes this by taking the environment and local culture into consideration when embarking on tourism initiatives. Bonaire offers year-round sunshine, low annual rainfall, pristine coral formations and the most abundant fish population in the Caribbean. World renowned for scuba diving and snorkeling, it is also ideal for adventurers and explorers as it offers a myriad of ecoadventure activities from sea and mangrove kayaking to windsurfing or kite boarding and more.

“We believe public relations is an important vehicle to tap into target geographic and demographic markets and inform and educate would-be travelers about the authentic and unspoiled nature of Bonaire. So many are unaware of the phenomenal luxury product in the way of boutique hotels, and villas for rent, the fact that we have a broad culinary spectrum from local authentic to even a Michelin restaurant on the island and the true extent of our outdoor and eco-focused activities and initiatives. Ensuring the US, Canada and Europe are informed is imperative and PR will help us do that,” said Marjolein Oleana, Business Manager of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Diamond PR’s destination experience and distinct understanding of traveler behavior patterns and trends is assured to support our continued efforts to highlight our beloved island amongst the world’s discerning explorers.

” With an extensive understanding of the region, Diamond PR will work hand in hand with Tourism Corporation Bonaire to develop and implement campaigns that capture the attention of the media across the US, Canada and Europe, with a strong focus in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The agency will amplify awareness of Bonaire by activating multi-faceted campaigns that include traditional media coverage, influencer programming, strategic partnerships, broadcast integrations, promotions and more, capitalizing on the trends that naturally fit the Bonaire experience.

“Sustainability is arguably one of the biggest trends in travel, amplified even further by current circumstances. Bonaire is ahead of the curve on this front with a long list of noteworthy conservation and restoration efforts. Travelers are shifting to appreciate this approach and be more conscious than ever. Bonaire should lead that storyline,” said Jody Diamond, president of Diamond PR. “Additionally, the island is well poised to meet the demands of the current traveler seeking private accommodations, personalized experiences, non-traditional wellness activities, and the coveted experience of quiet exploration.”

The North American account team will be lead by Brenna O’Leary who brings 12+ years of PR experience spent targeting the US and Canadian consumer for travel and luxury clients. European facing efforts will be spearheaded by Karin Calame-Swiers who has been focused on hospitality communications for the last 15 years and is fluent in English, Dutch and Papiamento.

About Diamond Public Relations + Social Media

Diamond Public Relations + Social Media is an innovative, award-winning travel & tourism agency with offices in Miami and Los Angeles. Strategic public relations practices paired with a renegade edge, plus an expert understanding of the business of tourism, separates Diamond PR in its field. With clients across 14 countries on multiple continents, the agency keeps at the forefront of the industry with first-to-market campaigns for destination, resort and lifestyle clients, never letting ideas grow stale or stagnant. For more information visit

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