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Bon Wokkie

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You might remember, last year, in March of 2020, we announced the opening of Bon Tapa. As we all know that was the time when the international spread of Coronavirus shut us off from the rest of the world. What a time to open a new restaurant! But after a short delay, Marcel and Joel, the two owners, took the bull by the horns and successfully opened their new restaurant, Bon Tapa, under the new Covid regulations. Now, a year later, we are excited about the opening of their new business: Bon Wokkie!

When the building next to Bon Tapa became available, the two business partners, Marcel and Joel, took the opportunity to introduce a new concept: Bon Wokkie!

As a to-go place only, it prepares your most favorite Asian classics. With their own delivery service coming soon, you are just a click away from your food being delivered swiftly to your door.

Not only do they prepare your Shanghai Pork, Thai Chicken, Singapore Shrimp with fresh veggies, soups, loempias, dim sums and breaded shrimp, other finger foods are on the menu too.

You can pick up your order yourself. In the shop, you will find the chef at work preparing the orders as well as other small size necessities, small size liquors like wine, whisky, rum, sodas, cigarettes and phone cards, that you miss while you’re out and about.

Bon Wokkie is open 7 days a week from 12 noon – 10 pm.

All meals are available in two sizes: Medium $9.50 & Large $11.50


Bon Wokkie is managed by Tseliso Morobe, better known on the island as Tsidi. Tsidi and Marcel have been co-workers at Cuba Compagnie in the past and later united again with the opening of Bon Tapa. Tsidi loves his work and is eager to take on a new challenge with the opening of Bon Wokkie.

9 years clean & sober

Tsidi came to Bonaire 5 years ago. A 25-year hospitality industry veteran, he spent many years in the night life and was very familiar with alcohol and drugs. Tsidi switched up his life and changed from bar and night shifts to day and evening restaurant hours and has been clean now for 9 years.

After successfully cleaning up his act and life, he followed his dream and left for the Caribbean. While working and loving life on the island, he was looking for a sponsor and a 12-step support group to stay clean and sober and thus maintain his stay on the island.

Tsidi found a sponsor via Facebook and they created an anonymous 12 step weekly support group. (In case you or someone you know wants to join the anonymous support group or needs a sponsor, please contact: )

For Tsidi, his work is his passion and with the opening of a to go place and his new position as a manger, he faces exciting new challenges. Marcel and Joel are more than happy to have Tsidi, who has been reliable, honest and a great team player as their Manager at Bon Wokkie.


Kaya Isla Riba 1

Orders: +599 7000 123 whatsapp/bellen

Facebook IG: bonwokkie

Delivery Orders coming soon:

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