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Bon Tapa - Now Open!!!

Feature Story XpBonaire - IslandLife

In April, 2020, a new bar & restaurant opened its doors down town Kralendijk - Bon Tapa! Formerly known as Woodstock Bonaire, Bon Tapa is located down town, between Anke Scissors and Wattaria, in the heart of our town center. Owners Marcel and Joel created a bar & restaurant where everyone will feel comfortable, eat a variety of delicious tapas for an affordable price and drink special sangrias and hipster cocktails.

Bon Tapa

Bon Tapa has opened end of April 2020. Temporarily Bon Tapa will be open Tuesday thru Saturday from 4 pm till 12 midnight with a special menu, due to Covid19. In the future they will be open 6 days a week from 9 am through 12 midnight. During the day, you will be able to enjoy one of the tapa platters and at dinner time, a tapa menu with approximately 50 different tapas including shrimp, fresh fish, meat and vegetarian dishes will be available.

All items are under $10 and portions are decent. Marcel and Joel hope to make it possible for every pocket to enjoy dining out. Of course you will find plenty of Spanish classics, the country where tapas originated, combined with local influences and products of the region.

During daytime, for example, you can have the option to choose different food platters, enjoy a coffee , and/ or join and watch special sports events , showcased on the bar screens and at night you can enjoy a cocktail or share a sangria

The owners, Marcel and Joel, have worked successfully together for several years before they started Bon Tapa as co-owners.


Growing up in the European Netherlands, Marcel always loved physical work and human interaction, the reason he chose to become a carpenter. When he was 16 years old, his parents decided to enjoy life to the fullest and moved to Bonaire after surviving a life threatening illness. Marcel decided to step into the workforce after he finished his studies. Excited for every new opportunity or challenge, he has grown in experience over his years on the island. Starting at Sorobon Beach Resort, he has worked in construction, boat trips, as bar manager at Cuba, has become a father and finally met his future business partner, Joel, at Bon Sea Semi-Submarine boat tours.

Marcel and Joel were a match instantly. The same work ethic, enthusiasm and the same passions.


Joel came to the island on vacation and realized that the island still had plenty of business opportunities. Always busy with new ideas all throughout his life, Joel, brought the Bon Sea Semi-Submarine - Boat to Bonaire, arranged agreements with the cruise organizations and started his boat tours in 2017. While not very good at sitting and studying in school, Joel was nonetheless able to build his career and successful businesses. After successfully starting his business on Bonaire, he wanted to work on other businesses off island. Then he met Marcel, who took over his work and managed the business for him on Bonaire for the last 2 ½ years.

While working together, the two were talking and looking for a new venture where they could become business partners. Both have a great passion for hospitality and agreed that the Bon Tapa location would be their dream come true.


Marcel and Joel are both no nonsense guys who are passionate about their work, love to work with others, build a strong team, offer an honest, good product and make their guests as happy as possible. The team is extremely important to them and Marcel, who has worked on the island with many, knows exactly who his “ride or dies” are and is happy to have them join the team.

One of them is Frank, who is the chef at Bon Tapa. He is enthusiastic to be part of the team, create his own menu and ensure smooth operations in his kitchen, or jump behind the bar if necessary, as he has done so in the past.

The Bon Tapa team was also joined by an excellent bar tender who will prepare you a special Martini, a Prosecco or a Spanish 43 cocktail and, of course, Spanish Sangria will be served.

In the future, when possible again, monthly special entertainment or events are planned. Keep yourself updated on our Xp Bonaire or Bon Tapa Facebook page.


#1 Kaya Isla Riba

Open 4 pm – thru 12 midnight

Phone: +599 701 15 15

Facebook & IG Bon Tapa

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