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Black Lives Matter

Xp Bonaire Feature Publication

We asked several residents on the island to make a statement. Thank you!

Black Lives Matter

All media has been called upon to use their platform to speak up about racial injustice worldwide. On Bonaire, with its history and its people who come from every corner of the world and who are united on this rock, we have asked you for a statement. We want to make clear that we do not condone violence in any shape or form, nor do we want to promote it. Our aim is to unite in peace against racial injustice.

We want to thank you, those who took the time and were willing to make a public statement.

“There are so many wonderful quotes in social media. This one is adapted from one that resonated with us.”

“We understand that we will never be able to understand completely, but we stand with you and we will not let you do this alone. You were never meant to.” #standtogether.

- Pat and Bruce Davis-

“As an American citizen residing on Bonaire for 20 years, I was recently touched by the Antillean solidarity shown on Bonaire for Black Lives Matter. While the horror stories that surface from the States are truly despicable, they are by no means a singular geographic atrocity.

Racist, prejudicial practices can be documented worldwide. Yes, even in the progressive Netherlands where young Antilleans moving there, whether for school or work, also experience the same sort of blind prejudice. It is extremely disheartening that so much violence had to be incurred for this matter to once again be brought to the forefront of rational civilized discourse. As I continue to engage in matters of social injustice, I formally would like to thank the Antillean people for welcoming me, and allowing me to live in a truly beautiful, safe, paradise. You have my utmost respect and gratitude. I also urge any other Americans as well as those from other countries to also check out the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). There are others out there that are passionately putting in the work to bring humanity to a safer, saner, future.”

- Joe Pilarz-

“If you are a kidney patient or you urgently need blood, you are glad that you have a donor. Regardless of whether it was a donor with a different orientation, color, creed, or any occupation he /she had.

So, cool it and act normal!

Be good to your fellow man. It could happen to you too!”

- E. Martin De Lanoy -

“All Lives Matter”

- Deepak Daryanani-

“America was “made great” on the backs of enslaved people and their ancestors. It is time for that country to acknowledge, apologize, repent and make amends for 400 years of oppression.”

- Jane Disko-

“Respect each other when you want a better world.”

- Dick Bos -

“Don’t judge a book by its cover or a person by its color. We are in it together”

- Asko Zuidam -

“Violence, hate and prejudice can never be the foundation to a peaceful world where we all can thrive. This quote by Desmond Tutu, expresses all the compassion and understanding that we need as a human race.”

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. “ - Desmond Tutu -

- Marjolijn Dubbeldam -

“Beauty has no skin tone”

- Liset Bernabela -

“I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters who continue to protest across the United States of America, as well as activists around the world calling for an end to systemic bigotry, discrimination, and racial injustice.”

- Delno L.A. Tromp-

“As a tool commonly used to covertly carry out acts of racism, police brutality needs to end. Free speech as well as freedom of press should be safeguarded for all future generations regardless of their race, nationality, culture, religious or other beliefs...”

- Ralph Nolen -

“The family of God is not white or black. Here on earth the only race there is, is the Human race. Don't spent your life being a color. You cannot undo the moves made, but you can make the next step better.”

- Nadine Emerenciana -

“"Black lives matter", the new buzz phrase to show our shock and horror at the death of George Floyd. But the real shock and horror should be seen every time we look in the mirror because it is our collective silence that led to this. Too comfortable to sight the injustice. Be the difference.”

- Sean Paton-

“The color of your heart is what matters.”

- Monique Bouwer-

“Not a single skin can be a sin”

- Rene Knip -

“Ever since I entered the second half of my life - many years ago now - I have realized that “white male privilege” is a reality in this world. In theory, we believe that all people should have equal opportunities, should be treated equally, etc. So Black Lives Matter should practically be a truism. Yet, on a daily basis, I don’t think about it, that real life is different. Penetrating images are needed to get the undesirable reality back on my mind. These images are now going around the world - again.

So now I realize we have one of these unique windows of opportunity to make changes in our society. To make BLM come true. Let's not lose focus this time shouting discrimination, racism, homophobia or whatever injustices in the world. Black lives do matter. Let’s now set changes in motion to make that come true. If we do it right, for the next generation, having equal opportunities will have become so self-evident that BLM turned into an empty slogan. If in this period of opportunity we do it right for black lives, then the other disadvantaged groups will follow.”

- Wietze Koopman-

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