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Adjusted rates for internet and television services from January 1st, 2020

Press Release Telbo

It is very important for Telecommunications Company TELBO to provide its customers with top-notch innovative services. For many years, we have succeeded to do so without having to adjust our rates. However, the time has come that we do need to take that step.

Therefore, the price of most of TELBO’s television (USD 2.00) and Internet services (USD 3.00) will slightly increase by an average of four (4%) percent with effect from January 1st, 2020. The internet rates for businesses will rise at an average percentage of five percent (5%). To meet the demand and to cater to our customers’ needs as much as possible, TELBO has earlier doubled the Internet speed free of charge and extended the number of available HDTV channels sucessfully. And what’s more, the telecom company will ultimately continue to keep on improving all of its services for its customers.

During the last 12 years, TELBO neither adjusted nor indexed its prices despite the growing (international) purchase costs of services concerning TV-contents and submarine cable capacity, the exponentially increased data usage, and all the necessary technological expansions and investments. In the case you make use of automatic or online payment  don't forget to adjust your payment instructions We thank you for your time and sincerely hope we can count on your sympathy and cooperation. If you have any questions about these adjustments, please visit our website

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