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Objection Letter, Constitutional annexation by anchoring the Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba Publi

The Chairman of the 1st Chamber, Mrs. Broekr-Knol and

the Deputy Ex-Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, R.H.A. Plasterk,

PO Box 20017

2500 EA The Hague

The Netherlands.

Bonaire, October 31, 2017

Subject: Objection to bill 34,702 Constitutional annexation by anchoring the Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba Public Bodies

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Dear Chairman Broekrs-Knol and members of the 1st Chamber and Deputy Ex-Minister Plasterk,

I hereby object to your senate proposal to request votes to finalize the second reading on 31 October, to definitively annex and anchor Bonaire (and St Eustatius) in your constitution. As a result, your senate and your senate-members without their humanitarian feelings will deprive their kingdom-partners, the Bonerians who live on Bonaire (and the same counts for Saint Eustatius), of their right to their primary human rights for freedom and equality. Your supposedly accepting the law proposal and then constitutionally anchoring our island in your state order without the consent of our people, undemocratic and unilateral against the democratic voice of our people in violation of our fundamental rights. Your position and task as a co-legislator who is independent and taking into account legal aspects and in particular the soundness and consistency with other laws, and certainly not to violate higher legislation, it is your responsibility to definitively ensure the rule of law and democracy .

The arguments put forward by the ex-Minister Plasterk and all members during the last debate, as alibi to formalize the annexation are characteristic and all can be grouped together under abuse of power and a typically persistent inexhaustible VOC mentality of Dutch political governance culture. You are showing that you are misled and manipulated educationally and you do not realize or are not aware that your Kingdom-partners, Bonaire (and St. Eustatius) are not public bodies or special municipalities but full-fledged nations. The right as a people to international law in accordance with decolonization, co-signed by the Netherlands as a co-founder of United Nations, has the right to aspire our own emancipation and development and our own future while maintaining our own language, culture, traditions , norms and values, identity and self-governance. That is the basis that definitely needs to be known to the Dutch politicians. Or do Dutch politicians know nothing about their colonial past, why they have obligations to their colonized peoples? Do the Dutch politicians not know where all Dutch wealth comes from? That the Netherlands from an insignificant fishing village through piracy, smuggling and slave trade, all by law, legally, have become one of the world's richest countries, with the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, your colonized peoples? Or do your senate-members not know that the VOC is the world's largest company of the worlds history, about ten (10) times bigger than Apple and Microsoft together?

So you'll be celebrating, just like Plasterk, a potential new Dutch hero, worded, the record-breaking, the first time in history. Celebrating that you humiliated all three Caribbean nations by giving them the right to vote , while all three nations together do not have a tenth (1/10) seat and vote in your senate, which has 75 members is as a mockery of democracy. Of course, taking into account that your kids, generations, will never know that their current politicians are no less than your historical heroes such as Piet Heijn and other criminals, robbers who on October 31, 2017 now without any remorse unleash and systematically eradicate their humble human kingdom-partners.

Finally, our human framework and emotional ability give us no other option than trying to understand that with all of you, you as Dutch politicians have missed humanitarian values being nurtured and educated, and this law is in the same category of racism, where our common colonial history began.

Where you did not with your peers, your own companions, but to the different, dark-colored people declared them as "non-human" by law and then made them slaves and traded them, and never wanted to stop with that terrible human-trading. And it is almost impossible to add more that your racist indoctrination has finally rooted in the constitutional embedding of racism, your exclusive contribution to humanity, institutionalized apartheid, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


James Finies, Nos Kier Boneiru Bek

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