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STCB Fundraising Auction: Start Bidding Now!

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) is very excited to be running a Fundraising Auction again this year. The organization has invited artists working on Bonaire and further afield to decorate and donate a plywood version of the STCB turtle image or to create their own artwork; and so far, they have received some stunning artworks! With only two months to go to the Auction, STCB cannot wait to share these beautiful pieces of art with the public of Bonaire.

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When you walk in to STCB’s office on the Kaya Korona, you’re immediately drawn to the artworks that are displayed all around the office. Artists are inspired by Bonaire’s pristine nature and by the culture and history of our island. Several pieces take you on a journey of Bonaire’s marine life, including hatching sea turtles, colourful French angelfish and a unique seahorse; and other artworks allow you to experience and dive into the cultural heritage and historical background of Bonaire.

Every artwork that is returned to the office, can be viewed on the STCB Fundraising website ([], and if you find a piece that you truly love, you can even place a bid on it! The artworks will also be exhibited at selected locations in Kralendijk prior to the Auction. In addition to the artworks, this year’s Fundraising Auction will also include other items and services, such as jewelry, hotel stays, sails, private dinners and much more.

You can still participate!

STCB would once again like to invite you to either decorate a plywood version of the STCB turtle image - available at our office (Kaya Korona #53) - or to create your own artwork. You may choose from three sizes of the plywood turtle shape, appropriate to the artwork you wish to create, or if you prefer, you can donate one of your own artworks. In addition, STCB would be grateful for donations of items that can be auctioned or raffled at their Fundraising Auction. Please contact STCB so that they can collect any items. To thank you for your donation, STCB will give a shout-out on their website, Facebook and Instagram page.

The Fundraising Auction will take place on 25th November 2017.

For more information, please visit the STCB office, call (+599) 717 2225 or send an email to STCB’s Communications Officer Kaj Schut at

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