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open monday - saturday 

kitchen: 10am - 3pm | 5 - 10pm 

located at Kaya J.N.E. Craane 24 
phone + 599 717 87 80

it rains fishes bonaire                                                                             restaurant  |  bar


It Rains Fishes is one of those places we have known for years. It has gone through many changes and renewals which always makes it exciting to come back. Some things never change - the lively atmosphere, the great ocean view and the staff who are always friendly and make you feel right at home.

“Fishes”, as we all call it, has gone through many new and exciting changes lately. Not only has the interior changed completely, but a new, young management team has taken over with new fresh ideas resulting in a delicious food experience.

The menu  items marked        are our Faves!

Dinner Menu   5.00 - 10.00 pm 

|  Caribbean Fish Chowder   $ 9.50 

|  Tomato Truffle Soup with Ground Beef   $ 9.50

|  Caesar Salad  Original $ 11.50

   romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits,

   caesar dressing & anchovy

   add fresh fish   $ 17.50 

   add shrimp  $ 21.75 

|  Fresh Tuna Sashimi 

   small $12.75  |  medium $ 21.50  |  large 29.50

|  Ceviche $ 12.50

   fresh fish ceviche with a cilantro jelly and sweet
   potato chips

|  Vegetarian Pasta  $ 19.50

   pasta with grilled fresh vegetables, feta and
   Parmesan cheese and a tomato sauce

|  Catch of the Day $ 22.50

   freshly caught fish, lightly grilled, served with a
   mustard-herb sauce and French fries

|  Filet Mignon $ 26.50

   beef tenderloin served with a cognac peppercorn
   sauce and French fries

|  Shrimp & Fish Pasta  $ 28.75

   shrimp and fresh fish, rucola, pesto and
   Parmesan cheese


|   beef carpaccio with black olives, Parmesan cheese,a creme of truffles and homemade basil croutons $14.50

|  thinly sliced veal and a mousse of tuna $15.76

|  lightly grilled scallops with cauliflower and a
   mousse of peas (3/6 pieces) $19.75- $29.75

|  from our special Portugees oven -lightly
   smoked mackerel with a dill mayonnaise and
   lemon jelly  $ 12.50

|  shrimp with a sherry sauce and a blue
   cheese crumble $19.60- $24.60

|  gnocchi with shrimps, tomato sauce,
   pesto and chips from Parmesan cheese $22.50 -       $28.75

|  six oysters served with three different toppings           $24.50

|  Dutch dorade filet with a lobster 8e pepper creme

|  Argentinean striploin steak with a mix of
   fresh herbs. $21.50

   sides need to be ordered extra 

Chef's Dinner

2 course $34.50 |  3 course $42.50 | 4 course $47.50

beef carpaccio bonbon filled with a homemade
potato salad and a truffle creme

tuna tartar with mango & soya jelly and
enoki mushrooms

truffle & parsnip soup with bacon and hazelnut

slow cooked ribeye with a duo of potato and a
mushroom cognac sauce


crabmeat ravioli with garlic lemon butter

chocolate trio

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