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Since the restart of Sports Association Vespo in 2015, WEB Bonaire is the main sponsor. WEB will continue to support Vespo in the field of finance and sportsmanship. Tuesday 1st August, the management of WEB and the entire board of Vespo have signed a new sponsor agreement.

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Alfredo Koolman, CEO of WEB: "Over the past football seasons, Vespo has developed into a positive example for the youth and young adults in Rincon and beyond. It is still WEB's ambition, as indicated in 2015, to invest together with Vespo in the growing successes of the association. Like every year, we will analyze and discuss the possibilities to develop the activities of the association further. WEB is looking forward to following Vespo closely also in the next football season."

Since mid 2014 WEB has a sponsor policy to which all sponsor requests are judged. Our sponsoring is mainly aimed at the youth/young adults and the elderly, in the field of sports, education and cultural/traditional activities. The rules of play for a sponsor request can be found at, in the menu under 'WEB'.

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