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We Dare To Care Foundation

On behalf of the We Dare to Care Foundation, President and founder Davika Bisssessar would like to express gratitude to the general public of Bonaire for utilizing free entry of the Parke Libertat – James Finies aka Parke Publico for the past 11 ½ years.

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For those last 11 ½ years the foundation, We Dare To Care has fulfilled and achieved its objective 100 % for the Bonairean community , especially the less fortunate, in creating, building and providing the services for a free play ground since 2005 as at that time there was not a playground for as long over 20 years here on Bonaire , being a sad fact and lack of good governance and foresight of our local Governments . WDTC foundation , and James Finies and Davika Bissessar in keeping with its motto of ”Keep our kids off the streets and out of prison” created a place, a recreational playground and park, where the voiceless kids on Bonaire could come without any restrictions or charges. This trend we intend to uphold at all cost with free entrance in this defective and illegal system that the kids and their families found themselves since 10-10-10.

XpBonaire, Island Life, Bonaire, News, Information, We Dare To Care Foundation

In our vision 11 ½ years ago, we also included structural funding as agreed by AMFO, the local Government and the WDTC Foundation. Despite all the relevant documents that were met by Foundation, it was deemed not a priority for the Governments both Dutch and local - As every year a letter was sent to the local government, the 2nd Chamber in Holland also in person to the Queen Beatrix in 2006 and 2010 when she visited Bonaire, then hereafter the King Willem Alexander in person in 2013. Since 2005, this grass roots group withstood all the difficulties to keep this park in good order; to be the first play park after 20 years on the Island even as new tax laws,- vastgoed belasting, increased land taxes, increased KVK charges, increased water and electricity bills , increased bank charges and so on and so on.

With no structural financial support and despite the fact that “a Mariadal” takeover was intended and proposed by our Government. August 2017 almost 12 years has passed, the We Dare To Care Foundation regretfully now are forced to introduce a “ “Reflection Program” in order to preserve and maintain this facility, which in our vision, also to be handed over to generation after generation for a 100 years and beyond.

We maintain our vision the park was build for everyone especially for the vulnerable group of our society, the socially less fortunate to have a place to play and recreate to keep using the park for free and the families who can afford, to cooperate and contribute, to help us the foundation to preserve the park for the projected 100 years and beyond. As it is the only way we see we can continue to operate and in keeping with our vision and objectives of the We Dare To Care Foundation.

XpBonaire, Island Life, Bonaire, News, Information, We Dare To Care Foundation

The entrance requirements for Parke Libertat aka Parke Publiko as per September 1, 2017 categories:

  • Less resourceful level Families and government after school programs ---- Free yearly pass (must qualified by Foundation)

  • Special privilege Families rate: per 6 months: $60 / 1 year : $110.00 . (must qualified by Foundation)

  • Standard Families rate: per 6 months: $115.00 / 1year: $222.00

The NIBUD information will be one of the criteria used for above

As per August 1st and continuing during the month of August families can apply for their entrance pass at the park from Monday to Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm or call/whatsupp: +599 9 7864576

This facility, like no other one on the island included the Playa Pabou which the local government build instead of supporting the Parke Libertat aka Parke Publiko in 2014 to compete and distract the families from using Parke Libertat was designed specially by the American Olympic Association in order to develop and correct deficiencies that are found in kids 2 to 5 years and the play-equipment stimulates the motor skills and the intelligence and social skills in children making them excel academically and athletically. With hope that all the Families of Bonaire will cooperate in this unifying effort to help us protect and maintain the park for Bonaire community for many years to come as we remain true to our believes.

Davika Bissessar, President We Dare to Care Foundation

Cell: +599 9 7864576

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