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Discriminatory statements - Homosexuals

Bonaire - The police and the OM (Public Prosecution Service) (BES) have received two declarations stating that discriminatory statements about homosexuals were made during a evangelistic meeting on 14th of January 2017. The Public Prosecutor's Office is committed to counteract discriminatory statements.

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Before deciding whether or not to investigate, the Public Prosecutor had to decide whether or not to carry out criminal prosecution. Therefore, discussions have taken place with the Fundashon EQ Bonaire, which seeks to defend the interests of the gay community and with the Fundashon, which organized the meeting on January 14.

From those talks, and in particular conversations with both organizations, it has been found that they respect each other's goals and want to work within the small-scale Bonairian community, especially in living together. And those words will reflect that respect. The pressure of prosecution is not necessary.

Under these circumstances, the Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) BES decided not to let the police investigate. The applicants have been informed of this decision.

The OM wants to point out that this decision specifically looks at this situation. A further charge of discrimination will be judged on its own merits.

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