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The Beach

Coming from different geographic areas can sometimes be a benefit. Appreciation of things and circumstances can be much greater just because of the fact that they have not been present in your life so far. For many people who decided to make Bonaire their home this is true. The culture, the climate, the people and, of course, the sea with its many shades of blue are hard to beat.

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Niels is one of those people who fell in love with the island, the culture and its people when he came to Bonaire for the first time in 2007. Leaving the Netherlands, he left behind his own successful business in construction materials and a fairly comfortable life, but he also said goodbye to 24/7 work weeks and materialistic and artificial standards.

He dove right into a new field of work and a new challenge in his life - the hospitality industry. Niels has worked in various locations on the island as a bartender and waiter, enjoying the interaction with his guests and learning new details of the craft from each owner or manager.


On his days off, he would get on his scooter and head to Rincon to have a good chat, drink under a tree and play dominos. Bonaire became the place where he really felt at home and where he wanted to set up his own business.

Unforeseen Change

Ready for the next step in his life, things turned out differently than he expected when he met Dennis who came on vacation to the island. Immediately clicking, the two decided to give it a serious try and Nils left the island to live in Amsterdam.


Even though all went smoothly and Niels enjoyed it, he kept missing Bonaire. Dennis, who had a very successful career in the fashion industry with many well-known TV personalities, loved the aviation industry and became a cabin crew member on commercial flights and later, for the defense he travelled to Afghanistan and combined both careers.

Dennis was also ready to rethink his life and career path, and with Niels at his side, the decision became easier and this time he would pack up his things and leave for Bonaire.

Back Home

In September, 2015, Niels and Dennis arrived on Bonaire and what was meant to be a vacation led to staying and starting a new life on the island. Both began working in the hospitality industry and then they were offered the opportunity to run a new place.

Windsock Beach Resort, situated close to the airport, had a change in management and they were looking for someone to run their new hospitality location. Windsock Beach Resort has an oceanfront location on the opposite side of the road which was used by the resort guests as a private beach.

The Beach @Windsock

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, restaurants, Beach, Dinig, Feature Story, Island People

Niels and Dennis enthusiastically took on the new challenge and started construction work in April, 2016. In October, 2016, the proud new owners opened the doors of “The Beach @ Windsock”.

The Beach is a cozy and comfortable small scale beach club, situated right on the oceanfront with a breathtaking view and a great setting. The beach has a restaurant, bar, lounge, sunbeds and an oceanfront deck area. All parts are cleverly separated to service anything guests might need. The beach style with its beautiful little details and the very friendly staff make you feel at home. The Beach also has direct access by steps to the sea.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, restaurants, Beach, Dinig, Feature Story, Island People

The Beach is open 7 days a week from 8 am in the morning until 10 pm at night for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( Service starts at 10 am) . The menu gives you beach appropriate choices made with high quality ingredients and fresh produce for an affordable price. The menu ranges from freshly prepared salads, soups, burgers and sandwiches to a “catch of the day” and a perfectly grilled steak, starting at $7.50 to under $30.

At dinner time you can also make a reservation for 1 of 4 exclusive dinner tables located on the deck right at the oceanfront.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaire, Information, restaurants, Beach, Dinig, Feature Story, Island People

Open for just a short period of time, the team is still working on improvements every day, listening to their guests and their needs.

The beach is a great alternative to the other existing locations. It is close to Kralendijk, open all day daily and the cozy size makes it a great spot to unwind in comfort.

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