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Newsletter Unkobon

Due to holidays there will be one newsletter for January and February. In this newsletter: new composition Union Council, successful new year's gathering for our volunteers, the Netherlands has a duty with regard to regular air traffic to the island, the problem of cars without insurance and finally something about your annual contribution.

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New members Union Council

On 25 November last, elections for the union Council, Unkobon's parliament of members, were announced. The organisatory committee proposed four members as candidates for the Council. No other candidates came forward so Joke Moolenburgh – Roozen and Wietze Koopman were re-elected and Michèle Celestijn–Knuf and Pim van Caem have become members of the Union Council. Unkobon thanks these members for their dedication to a joint goal.

New year's gathering for Unkobon volunteers

Unkobon's activities are carried out by volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of our Consumers Union, and every volunteer is in part responsible for the end result we achieve. By sharing their knowledge and experience, by reporting issues that have to be addressed, by actively joining in the Union's activities. Everybody has a personal and valuable contribution and all contributions are very welcome.

To express its appreciation for these volunteers, the Union held a informal gathering on 21 January. It was a very pleasant drinks party where the volunteers could socialize and get to know each other better.

A big thank you goes to Joke and Eelco for opening the doors to their home for everyone.

Regular flights ABC islands

Passenger air traffic between the ABC islands is of the utmost importance for the inhabitants of Bonaire. Problems with Insel Air are increasingly hindering this passenger traffic. Therefore, on 9 December 2016 Unkobon has sent a letter to the Kingdom Representative asking him which measures are being taken by the Government to guarantee the continuity of passenger traffic. On February 3 the Kingdom Representative Mr Isabella communicated to Unkobon that the problem has his full attention and that the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has taken action to guarantee safe air traffic. It is unclear as yet whether public transport between the ABC islands is the Kingdom's responsibility or that of the Public Entity Bonaire. The Kingdom representative has promised to provide a definite answer before long.

Third party liability insurance cars and motor cycles

Checking up on whether a car has a legally mandatory third party liability insurance is the responsibility of the Police and the military police. Unkobon is of the opinion that this task deserves more priority than it is getting. Increasingly often we hear of accidents where the driver responsible has not insured his/her car. The aggrieved party ends up having to pay for the damages because the perpetrator pleads lack of funds.

On 2 December 2016 Unkobon has sent a letter to the island governor and the Kingdom Representative asking them to attend to this problem.

Unfortunately Unkobon has not yet received an answer.

Membership fee 2017

The membership fee for Unkobon ($10 annually) is maintained low so that everybody can become member. In order to save the treasurer some work it has been possible for a few years now to prepay the contribution for three years. More than 120 members have done that and have already paid their fees for 2017. Recently members who have not prepaid received a request to pay their membership fee over 2017.

Paying members make it possible for Unkobon to exist and do good work. Please support us by paying your fee in a timely manner.

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