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Police Report Update

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Burglary House

On Saturday, January 28th a burglary at a house on Kaya Pos di Amor was reported.

The Burglary included a black notebook of the brand Access and a photo camera. The burglary took place on Friday, January 27th between 7:30pm and 00:00 am. The case is under investigation.

Accident between car and motorcycle

On Friday, January 27th, an accident between a car and a motorcycle took place at the intersection of the Caribbean and Kaya Kaya Cacique.

The car was turning left when he suddenly was overtaken by a motorbike from the left. The motorcycle collided with the left front of the vehicle and thus the driver and fellow passenger came to fall. The fellow passenger of the motorcycle was a child of about 2 or 3 years old. The ambulance took the child to the hospital.


On Friday, January 27th a violent robbery at Plenchi Makamba. A man was caught when he tried to fish a laptop with a rod through a window with bars. The residents were able to chase him away. But after a few hours the suspect came back when the wife was home alone and took a black notebook of the brand Lenovo and a black tablet. The case is under investigation.

Accident at Hanchi Amboina

On Friday, January 27th a collision took place on the Hanchi Amboina. A car drove by unknown cause against a lamppost.

The driver suffered from his left collarbone and left leg while the fellow passenger had a bloodied face and pain in her right shoulder. Both were taken to hospital by ambulance for medical examination and treatment.

Fire in car

On Friday, January 27th, around 3:30 pm fire was in a car on Kaya Charles A. Beukenboom was reported at the police headquarters.

The car was in the garden of a home and had caught fire for unknown reasons. The fire brigade arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire. The car was completely burnt in the engine compartment and in the cabin.

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