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Club Roomer Christmas Market

Club Roomers' Christmas promotion in 2016 is back in full preparation

Date: Sunday, 18th of December 2016

Time: 5.00 - 9.00 pm

The need is high on Bonaire. Despite all the publications, many residents of Bonaire are living below the poverty line. The attention has brought no improvement. This year we will make sure again, that these people, receive a well-filled Christmas package.

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In collaboration with the local authorities, the address files are updated. Orders for 180 packages are in preparation. As of December 19, our volunteers will personally deliver the packages to the people. The annual Christmas market is an important part to acquire the needed funds. The Location remains as before the EEG Boulevard which now operates under the name: El Encanto Hotel.

Club Roomer delivers every year around Christmas time some 160-180 well-stocked shopping bags to underprivileged, elderly and families. The bags contain enough groceries to make local dishes for an average family for 1-2 weeks. This year, the list is compiled from public information and observations from local trustees. The bags are personally delivered at the homes by volunteers from Club Roomer.

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