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Bonaire hosts a lot of people the whole year round and many of its inhabitants deal with many customers on a daily basis. It might be people who live on Bonaire or people who visit our beautiful island. We decided to share our knowledge and expertise towards everyone’s benefit.

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We started our company Customer Service Bonaire (CSB) in May 2015.

Based on our combined 30 years of experience we strongly believe that Customer Service is Customer Loyalty and this believe is something we would like to share with anyone who knows customers are the key to a successful business no matter what kind of business you run.

Everyone dealing with customers knows the challenges you face when you start serving them. They can be nice and friendly and ask for your help but they can also be grumpy and demanding and everything in between.

You find yourself dealing with customers face to face (in restaurants, hotels, diveschools, government offices, hospitals, supermarkets etc) or by telephone or email & chat, they all expect something from you and you need to figure out what that something is.

This means you have to look at them, talk to them but most importantly listen to them !

And once in a while it doesn’t hurt to give your customers a smile, a smile is for free and as far as we know it doesn’t hurt to produce one J Try it and see what happens…..

As a manager you have customers too, your own employees are actually your direct customers and if they are happy you are doing a good job managing. Same thing applies here, when you talk to them not at them and listen to them and treat them with a smile here and there it will make both jobs easier and more fun!

CSB can advise, help & assist you in all aspects of Customer Service in the fields of hospitality, government, medicare, consumer products etc dealing with “external” but also “internal” customers to improve your service, customer & employee satisfaction.

In doing so we provide:

  • Training programs for:

  • Leadership;

  • Middle management;

  • HRM;

  • Time management;

  • Skill management

  • Project management;

  • Train the trainer;

  • Communication skills;

  • Etc

  • Coaching:

  • Personal coaching;

  • Group coaching;

  • Coach the coach

  • Educational programs for entire organizations;

  • Quality management;

  • Knowledge management;

  • Process management.

Every business & organization is different so we look at the specific aspects of your company and together we will decide on how to proceed. We advise based on your specific situation, everything we do is custom made !

We start with listening to your needs and challenges because you are OUR Customer!


If you want to know more please contact us of find us on Facebook :

Phone : +599 7823901

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