ADAPTATION fuel prices, Effective as of SEPTEMBER 1, 2016

In relation to price changes on the international market, the Bonaire government adjusts fuel prices.

The following fuel price changes will take effect on September 1, 2016. Bonaire's government has announced that the price adjustment represents a decrease by September 2016 for gasoline. Kerosene, large and small gas cylinders and diesel will remain the same.

Gasoline fell by 4.70 dollar cents, for kerosene the decrease is 3.10 cents, large gas cylinders (100 lbs), $ 2.30, and small gas cylinders $ 0.60 cents. Diesel prices remain the same, as compared to August 2016. The next price adjustment will be in October 2016.

Here is a list of fuel prices as determined by the Bonaire government, they will take effect by August 30, 2016 for wholesale, and on September 1, 2016 at the pump stations.

Rate for wholesale

Mogas 95 90.97 USDct per liter

Benzine 43.00 USDct per liter

Diesel 49.37 USDct per liter

LPG 100LBS 21.84 USDct per gas cylinder.

LPG 20LBS 5.57 USDct per gas cylinder

Rate for consumers

Mogas 95 97.80 USDct per liter

Benzine 45.60 USDct per liter

Diesel 53.30 USDct per liter

LPG 100LBS 27.96 USDct per gas cylinder.

LPG 20LBS 7.08 USDct per gas cylinder

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