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Goat thief on Bonaire - Substantial imprisonment

On August 10, 2016, the criminal case against a man with the initials E.A.W. was handled by the Court of First Instance on Bonaire in which he is accused guilty of theft of some goats shortly before Dia di Rincon. He was also suspected of possessing a shotgun.

On April 27, the police who received a tip went to a place in Plantation Bolivia, where at that time eight stolen goats were slaughtered. The thieves fled, but the defendant W. could be traced after a quick set research.

The prosecutor stated that goat theft is a serious crime in court with serious consequences for the victims. And the goat thefts contribute to a deep sense of insecurity among the kunukero’s

The owners of the stolen goats reported to have lost hundreds of goats already.

Because of the seriousness of these facts, the officer asked the court to impose a firm imprisonment as of 12 months. The judge’s judgment also went into the seriousness of these offenses and sentenced the man in accordance to the demand of the OM.

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The Public Prosecution Service and the police treat goat’s theft seriously. Reports, where possible, will always be investigated

This case shows that, if the police get tips and help, the chances of catching goats thief’s is much greater.

Initiated by the OM BES with relevant public and private bodies, but also with the kunukero's , ways to work together in tackling safety issues in the countryside will be discussed in the month to come.

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