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1st of June 2019 - Reefiesta: Diving to restore Bonaire's reefs on World Reef Day

Press Release reefrenewalbonaire

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire (formerly Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire) is hosting an event in celebration of our coral reefs for the 4th year in row, this year on World Reef Day, June 1st. This event, Reefiesta, aims to bring divers and ocean conservation-minded individuals together to promote coral reef restoration and ocean conservation. World Reef Day is a call to action for people around the world to make simple choices today to save our reefs’ future.

To do our part on Bonaire, Reef Renewal Bonaire is asking you to come dive to help their restoration efforts. Participants do not need any previous coral restoration experience and only need to be dive certified to join. Dives will take place all day - by boat and by shore - and divers will be led by experienced divers from Reef Renewal Bonaire and its Dive Shop Members as they outplant corals and work in our nurseries. Reefiesta will end with a sunset celebration on the beach thanking all of the volunteers for their hard work.

The event is a free, educational event with the goal of spreading awareness for the restoration and conservation of Bonaire's coral reefs.

For more information about the event and to sign-up, visit

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