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Press Release WEB

Kralendijk, 27TH November 2018 – On November 27th WEB commemorates the 55 years in which it began with the distribution of water in Bonaire, that time under the name Dienst Water Distributie (DWD). DWD and OGEM (Overzeese Gas- en Elektriciteitsmaatschappij) remain under a new name: Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V. in 1978.

To commemorate this special date, WEB organizes different activities for its employees, pensioners, clients and young people. In connection with its celebration of 55 years, WEB organized a video contest for students of elementary schools in which students could give tips on how to save water and electricity. WEB recently organized a successful social day for its employees and in the coming days there will be activities in which WEB devotes attention to its pensioners, customers and stakeholders. On Tuesday 27th November, there will be a toast and a gift for WEB customers in the main office. WEB’s management wants to focus on working together to achieve common goals. WEB contributes to public health, Bonaire's ability to stand on its own feet and a high level of life in Bonaire. WEB does so with potable water supply and energy payable, reliable and durable, and sewage treatment.

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