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Press Release WEB

Kralendijk, 24th April 2019 - This week Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V. (WEB) will realize the 10.000th connection for drinking water. The demand for drinking water is strongly increasing due to the exponential growth experienced on Bonaire at this moment. WEB continues to invest in the drinking water production to guarantee reliability of the supply of drinking water on our island.

On Bonaire there is an increase in construction activities for new hotels and resorts, homes and business premises. As a result, WEB needs extra capacity for drinking water for now and in to the future. Replacement and expansion of the drinking water production facility at Hato is necessary in order to meet the demand for drinking water and to continue to guarantee security of supply.

Up to 7200 m3 per day

Since 2018 WEB is focusing on a plan in cooperation with Royal Haskoning DHV, which meets the drinking water demand of Bonaire, for now and in the long term. The design provides for various small units with a capacity of 4800 m3 to 5600 m3 per day. The total capacity of the water plant will be expanded and will be capable to produce 6400 m3 to 7200 m3 per day.

Step by step to a sustainable Bonaire

Energy is needed for the production of drinking water. WEB is currently completing the definite plans for up to 65 -75 percent energy from renewable resources by 2030. The goal is an optimal energy mix of wind energy, solar energy and fossil fuels for our energy supply. Our sustainable water production through reverse osmosis will be directly influenced by the use of energy from renewable resources as well.

Proud and happy

As a producer and distributor, WEB is responsible for sustainable, reliable and affordable production of drinking water and electricity on Bonaire. We are proud of the 10.000th connection for drinking water and congratulate Lysienne Piekeur. We are happy to share the growth in drinking water and electricity supply together with households, companies and organizations on Bonaire.

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