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Press Release WEB

In the past week Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V. (WEB) together with the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) had intensive consultation. WEB and the Executive Council came to a decision to determine temporarily electricity rates and to publish these. These rates are effective from 1st up till 30th April 2018.

To limit the adverse consequences of these new rates the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy (EZK) and WEB have decided that a discount will be applied to the fixed usage rate for all consumers in 2018. On 14th March 2018, EZK responded to the subsidy application submitted by WEB for electricity. Although WEB is grateful for the granted subsidy from EZK, the subsidy is much lower than the amount WEB requested.

With the determination of the rates WEB has tried to balance the interests of the consumers and the statutory task of setting equal rates. WEB is aware that not all consumers are fully compensated as a consequence of the new rates.

After intensive consultation with the Executive Council there an agreement has been reached to temporarily lower the rates and to be valid for one month. Due to this WEB is granting an extra discount so that for the month April a total discount is valid as if the subsidiary was granted as requested according to the application. This to give the Executive Council space to arrange additional funds in the Netherlands. The upcoming period, OLB and WEB are committed for this purpose. WEB does not have any financial capacity to grant the extra discounts. After all, WEB needs to guarantee the quality and supply security for now and in the future and needs sufficient financial funds for this.

WEB is also aware of the short timespan between the new rates’ publishing date and the date that the new rates become effective and the effects these will have on our customers. WEB would have preferred to publish the new rates sooner but had to follow formal procedure after the granted subsidy amount was announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on 14th March 2018. The electricity rates have now been issued and can be found on – these rates take account of the granted subsidy.

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