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Viv’s Beauty

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All woman know the feeling of having an off day, one where we do not like the way we look and do not feel comfortable in our own skin. Taking the time to give yourself some special attention makes all the difference and you deserve it!

For a long time, Vivienne has been passionate about making women feel like the best version of themselves and had fun playing with make up for as long as she can remember. It all started when she would try out her mother’s makeup and later when she began doing make up for her friends and acquaintances. The feeling of making someone feel more confident and seeing the happy faces means everything to Viv.

Following her passion, she started studying the art of makeup and worked as a makeup artist in the Netherlands along with her studies in tourism. For her internship, she decided to train on Bonaire and fell in love with the island and her man. She finished her studies and decided to move to the island. Now on the island for five years, at first she worked together with her boyfriend in hospitality, but after a while she felt something was missing in her life. Slowly but surely, she found her way back to her first love - Beauty. The one on one interaction with her customers and the reward of looking at a beautiful, happy and relaxed face makes it her profession of choice.

Viv’s Beauty Salon

As of January, 2018, she opened her salon, Viv’s Beauty. Located at Sabal Palm, she invites you to her home salon to unwind. Her natural, bright smile and kind nature make you comfortable from the first moment you walk in.

Not an over the top beauty guru, but instead very natural, she is the mastermind of what you can expect after enjoying her special attention. That doesn’t mean that she is not capable and excited about putting all her energy into your special occasion and your “one of a kind” look.

Learning new things, new trends and new techniques is never ending and Viv takes every opportunity to educate herself and bring her new knowledge back to the island where she can make women a bit happier.

But Viv doesn’t just do make up, her attention goes skin deep. Viv’s Beauty Salon is a place to get out of your busy, daily routine and experience some unique relaxation. You can treat yourself to a purifying facial; get to know a whole new version of yourself with professional make-up and styling or finally get those tempting lashes. Viv also loves to combine her passion for beauty and styling with her interest in photography by offering you an all-inclusive photo shoot for memories that will last a life time. Makeover is one of Viv’s favorite things to do, not with the goal of making someone more beautiful, but by enhancing one’s own personal beauty. Before and after photo-shoot pictures showcase what make up and styling can do. The all-inclusive photo shoot includes make up, hair and styling and all photos, including a choice of the best pictures that will be retouched. Viv has developed enough experience to be able to work with any skin type and color.

For right now, Viv’s salon is open from Monday to Friday. Exceptions are possible for customers who work full time or for special events and you can work out the details individually. The current open days might change in the future, depending on demand.


We are happy to introduce a new collaboration between Viv’s Beauty and Xp IslandLife Bonaire to bring you closer to internal beauty and skin care with smart tips on how to take care of yourself on a regular basis without spending a fortune. Our climate is great for the soul and produces vitamins necessary for our physical wellbeing, but living under the Caribbean sun makes it necessary to pay some extra attention to our skin health and protection. We will be working on some fun tips using our combined knowledge and experience in the field of beauty. Look for them in print and online.


You can make appointments with Viv by sending a personal message to:

Facebook: Vivs Beauty Salon

Instagram: Vivs Beauty


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