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Visitors from Europe

Press Release TCB

Europe FAM-TRIP 2018

From April 15th till 19th of April 4 tour operators from Germany and Holland have been visiting Bonaire on a Fam-Trip. The purpose of the trip was to show the operators what Bonaire has to offer, both product and properties. In this way they can recommend Bonaire as a top Caribbean vacation destination. It was a great opportunity to showcase Bonaire to these top travel agents. In addition they enjoyed a tour of the Northern and Southern part of the island.

TCB also received the visit of Der-Touristik, one of the leading tour companies in Germany. The representative visited Bonaire to review the accommodations and product/activities. This included few site inspections and he enjoyed a tour of the Northern and Southern part of the island hosted by Tropical Travel Bonaire.

Der-Touristik sees great potential in Bonaire and would like to see an increase in sales. Inter-island connections are needed in a form of a code share agreement in view of the upcoming Condor Flight to Curacao from Berlin. This is something TCB will be discussing further with our regional airline partners. TCB will also review the marketing possibilities with Der Touristik in view of there influential and broad platform within the German market.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire would like to thank all who made this Fam-Trip and the visit of Der-Tour a success. A special thank you goes to Tropical Travel, Epic Tours, Avis La Cantina, Brass Boer, Sebastian, It Rain Fishes, Eden Beach, Beach Hut, Boudoir Bonaire, Blue Bay Bonaire, Island Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Bonaire and Posada Para Mira

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