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Up and coming 599Empire

Feature Story Island Life Xp Bonaire

Given the small scale of the island, Bonaire has a lot of talent. The generation to come has no fear and big dreams.


Urvin Sint Jago and Dustan Mercelina are the creators of 599Empire - video, film production and photography.

For as long as Urvin can remember he was interested in film and technology. He has no interest in being personally in the spotlight and always dreamed of working behind the camera. Surfing the net and searching for the newest updates on computers, phones and cameras, he was a nerd early on. At age 14, he asked to help out and take photos at events for the company of a family friend who taught him a lot about equipment, cameras and the use of them. Even though he was not able to buy his own equipment, he could borrow equipment and make his first media productions. Small jobs enabled him to slowly buy his own equipment.

He and a group of friends were able to visit the Nos TV studio, frequently. Eager to learn, they picked up a lot about video production, montage and film recordings.

Urvin and Dustan went to school together and became friends. Even though they later made different choices in their school careers, Dustan chose to study medicine and Urvin chose media, they remained friends. When Dustan asked to join Urvin in his productions in 2014, it became clear that they are a perfect match, complementing each other’s strengths.

Urvin concentrates mostly on video production and Dustan’s passion is photography. Urvin takes over the technical part and Dustan’s strength lies in PR work.

Bonaire Ambassadors

The dream and goal is to take 599Empire out of the student project category into one of the most successful media companies on the island and beyond.

Urvin, who likes to work with teenagers, would like to create educational short movies to help youngsters stay on the right path and on their way to success.

In Urvin’s opinion, the internet has made the world smaller and we can communicate around the globe, but somehow Bonaire is still not in the picture. Urvin would love to change that.

Bonaire will always be his home. In the future, even when his career brings him to other countries, he will always return to his island and will do his best to promote the island as much as possible.

Never forgetting about the community on Bonaire, 599Empire works closely together with the foundation, Youth Outreach Bonaire, and have produced for Mariadal (healthcare) for free.

Book the 599Empire team

The team has grown in recent years and they can take on any project the client wishes.

Given a minimum of one week in advance, the client can come with his ideas and 599Empire will do their utmost best to achieve it or consult on the possibilities.

599Empire offers a wide range of production services: commercials, music, documentaries, live broadcast, weddings, birthdays, events, equipment rental and consulting.

With a team of 3 cameramen and two photographers, the team can expand depending upon the client’s wishes and the size of the project.

599Empire works closely with other media productions and will continue to do so in the future. Teamwork and helping each other is a big part of success in media productions.

They work closely with Nos TV, setting up cameras for the live broadcasts and have recently created a music video of the well-known Antillean artist, Irsais, and his song, ABC. Some of the team have already experienced working in major broadcast TV productions and hopefully many more to come.

If you would like to book the 599Empire team, or would like to check out the possibilities, you can reach them via Facebook, Instagram, their website, a personal message or by phone.

The most simple and short video production starts at around US $150 dollars, but it all depends on your wishes and vision.

Give them a try.


Facebook: 599Empire

Instagram: 599Empire


Phone: +599 795 59 90

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