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Press Release UNKOBON

Households can save considerably on their electricity bills. On the page, the consumers union of Bonaire started a campaign with saving tips. 

Tip 1. Purchase electrical appliances of 50 hertz (Hz). With a 50Hz refrigerator you save $ 180 per year at the 1-1-2018 rate.

When you need a new refrigerator (or washing machine), buy a 220 volt / 50 Hz model. It is possible that you pay a bit more purchasing  this ‘European’ model , but that difference quickly will be  compensated on the WEB bills by the reduced consumption of electricity. You should of course have a 220 volt connection available in the kitchen. A large transformer has more losses than a small one. If you decide to buy an American model, do not choose the transformer larger than really necessary for the model fridge / washing machine. Unplug the power cord when you are not using the washing machine.

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