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Unkobon's response to EZ-Air's press release

Press Release Unkobon

Recently, the management of EZ-Air responded to the press release in which Unkobon made public that EZ-Air does not comply with the legal obligation - if a flight is canceled - to give passengers a choice between a refund or a voucher.

Ms. Sueyenne Dammerman, vice president of EZ-Air, regrets that the publication of Unkobon puts the company in a negative light, while according to Ms. Dammerman, EZ-Air is a responsible and flexible company because the company offers the passenger the opportunity to another time if the flight is canceled.

However, EZ-Air does not state that responsibility and flexibility does not apply to passengers who do not want to accept the offer for another flight. Those people lose their money with a “non-refundable” ticket. And when money is returned for a “refundable” ticket, EZ-Air will reduce the refund with a fine. This is outrageous because after all, it is not the customer's fault that the flight was canceled.

Unkobon would like to clarify that, prior to publication, it approached EZ-Air four times and pointed out to the company the legal obligation EZ-Air has to refund the passenger if a flight is canceled by the carrier. However, EZ-Air continued to outright refuse to give the passenger 100% of the money back.

Unkobon regrets that the management of EZ-Air has not responded to Unkobon's arguments from the start. It would have been much more correct if the management had responded substantively to the emails from Unkobon to solve the problem together.

Unkobon appeals to all victims of these airline practices to report to Unkobon:

If there is no solution with the airlines involved, in a subsequent press release Unkobon will discuss the experiences with reimbursement of canceled flights reported by airline customers.

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