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Unkobon and Henri Verhoef have joined forces

Translation Press Release Unkobon

Unkobon and Henri Verhoef, initiator of the Facebook action for better roads on Bonaire, have joined forces. In recent years, repeated and urgent attention has been requested from the government for the very poor condition of the roads on Bonaire.

That the condition of the roads is disastrous concerning (traffic) safety of residents and tourists and that this condition leads to a lot of damage and costly repairs to vehicles, and also causes unnecessary dust nuisance on the island, needs no further argument or evidence.

At the end of 2017 and also at the beginning of 2018, actions were taken to get the government to tackle this serious problem. At the beginning of this year no fewer than 5000 residents and visitors of Bonaire placed their signatures to draw attention to the poor state of maintenance of our roads. They all believe that the state of the roads on the island is a life-size issue and that the policy makers / authorities here (by now) have to take real action.

The signatures were presented by Mr. Verhoef in February including a petition to representatives of State Secretary Knops, regarding the Dutch government and to deputy Kroon, regarding the local government.

And then ... then it was completely silent again!

We believe that the directors show, that they do not take their citizens seriously. A huge part of the population is simply ignored in their justified criticism of the state of the roads and their maintenance.

What needs to happen to you as drivers to make them finally take action?

We ask policy makers to really be decisive and make a concrete implementation plan within the next months including budget and financing and to start renovating the roads. Political parties in the Island we ask you to adopt the problem and to make it yours! Perhaps the governor and the Kingdom Representative must exert their influence (over the parties), and make this their priority?

Above all, we ask you ......... .. take the inhabitants of Bonaire seriously and take action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henri Verhoef, initiator of a signing campaign

Eric Booi, chairman Unkobon

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