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Feature Story Xp Bonaire

Real Estate on Bonaire is a big business and there are various real estate agencies offering the beautiful Caribbean houses and lots that the island has to offer. Taking a deep dive into the local rules and regulations during the process of buying, building and selling takes a lot of time and know how. Who better than a local agent who knows all the ins and outs you need.

Valdir is the owner and face behind The Real Estate Guy. A born Rinconero, Valdir grew up and build his career on the island. From a young age, Valdir dreamed of building his own houses and owning a resort. What started as a young boy’s scribbled drawings ended up in a grown man’s career as a realtor on the island and building his own small resort here on Bonaire.

As long as Valdir can remember, he was focused on earning and saving money to build and buy his first house. In the early years, he did most of the work himself, building, managing, planning, and designing, including all the necessary paperwork and documentation. Over the years, he bought, renovated or constructed several houses on the island and sold them via a local real estate agency. Now, years later, he has a whole network necessary to easily navigate the procedures of selling, buying and managing real estate on Bonaire.

The Real Estate Guy

Valdir opened the Real Estate Guy in June, 2019. This small real estate agency supports you during the purchase, sale and management of your home on Bonaire. Due to the Valdir’s large network on the island, you increase your purchasing opportunities.


Selling your home is an exciting process. The team will guide you from start to finish throughout the entire process. They know the market like no other and will ensure good sales.


When you are not on the island and in your house full time, it is very reassuring to have someone to keep an eye on your home. That is why they are a great partner for the management of your home. They offer support for the rental and management of your home on Bonaire.

What to be aware of

Hire a broker

Buying a house on Bonaire is slightly different than in the Netherlands or the United States. It is therefore important to be aware of the local procedures and what you need to take into account. That is why the Real Estate Guy recommends that you hire a broker who can guide you in this.

Local circumstances

One of the reasons why you want to live on Bonaire is probably the climate. Every day a tropical temperature around 30 degrees C. Still, it’s nice to keep it cool in the house. Therefore, pay attention to the position of the house in relation to the wind. A house with shutters ensures that the wind can blow through the house nicely. This creates natural ventilation. Is there enough storage space for the gear of diving, kite and/or windsurfing enthusiasts? And what about the electricity, is the house equipped with 220v or mainly 110v?


Bonaire has two different taxes for homeowners. The real estate tax and the land tax. Depending on the use of the house, it is determined which tax is applied. If the owner lives outside Bonaire or rents out the house, he only pays real estate tax. If you live in the house permanently, you only pay land tax. The property tax is 0.80% of the value of the house The land tax is 0.35% of the value of the house. In some cases there is an exemption from real estate tax

These are only a few examples of what you might possibly face and why it is good to have someone by your side who knows how to lead you through the procedures during your sale, purchase, construction or management.

Latest Project- Hato

Hato is one of the popular neighborhoods on the island. One of the latest projects is the available Hato lots. The Real Estate Guy guides you through their purchase, construction, development, sales or management, whatever you may need.


The Real Estate Guy

Purchase, sales, management

Phone: +599 717 8181

Kaya C.E.B. Hellmund 6, Kralendijk, Bonaire

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