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The Frans Paradise

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Enjoy the Caribbean Sea

On Bonaire we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the turquoise essence of life. The crystal clear Caribbean Sea, the sound and movement of the waves and the light breeze are calming and let’s you forget about reality, at least for a little while. Enjoying these moments is the ultimate Caribbean experience.

If you haven’t heard about Tonky & Taty, you have missed a significant part of the island’s history of growing and creating heroes.

Elton (Taty) & Everon (Tonky) Frans have been world ranking windsurfers for many years. Besides their athletic accomplishments, they have done even more. They have put windsurfing on the map again with their freestyle tricks and skills, giving the sports a new edge. But their personalities, big smiles, positivity and their humble approach have made them even more well-known and special to many.

Born on Bonaire and growing up in simple circumstances in a fisherman’s family taught the brothers early on to appreciate what you have. Some of you have maybe heard of the award winning movie, “Children of the Wind”, featuring their life story.

At the end of 2018, the brothers opened their own windsurf place located in Sorobon, THE ultimate windsurf location, especially for beginners.

The brothers realized a big dream they always had, to own their own place right where they are the happiest; at the turquoise waters that brought them so much success and joy; teaching others to improve their skills or fall in love with their favorite sport, windsurfing.

The Frans Paradise offers you gear that suits your level of experience and the wind circumstances at the moment and offers you lessons by the champions themselves. What better way to start the sport? Check in with them or gift a lesson to someone who just needs that last push to get started.


Kaminda Sorobon

Open Mon-Sun 9 am – 6 pm

IG & Facebook: The Frans Paradise

Phone: +599 785 0514

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