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The Dock

Xp Bonaire IslandLife Feature Story

The bistro style restaurant, The Dock, is situated at the boutique hotel, Ocean Breeze, overlooking the small marina and lagoon. It is a beautiful location with spacious, shaded, outside seating and a non-stop light breeze. The fusion restaurant serves international food with a passion for detail and quality.

Right in the middle of the covid crisis, Frank and Louis decided to take on a new adventure together and are the new, proud owners of The Dock restaurant since January, 2021.

The duo is well known on the island with a broad hospitality history. Louis came to Bonaire in 2012, never really a studious person, he started working at a very young age and took on every job, busy from early morning till late at night. On the island he started working at Spice Beach Club and later Sebastian’s Restaurant, when he took a hospitality break and worked at Digicel and in the construction sector. But Louis was pulled back into hospitality and helped out at Hillside and finally ended up as a co-owner of The Dock restaurant.

Frank, who came to the island in 2013, met Louis on his second day on island at the bar of Spice and the two later became neighbors and friends. Frank never liked school and even though he successfully finished a study to “ensure” good job opportunities in his future, he always wanted to become a cook and did so.

On Bonaire he started up the kitchen of Cuba Compagnie, worked at the restaurant, At Sea, on Curacao at the Madero Beach Club, followed up again on Bonaire with Hillside and finally united with Louis, friend and business partner at The Dock.

The Dock

The Dock is open 7 days a week non-stop from 7 am – 10 pm, serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and everything in between.

The beautiful view and comfortable interior let’s you take a deep breath and relax. Right next to the restaurant is the small marina where the fishermen bring their catch of the day directly to the restaurant and ensures you of the freshest fish every day.

With a small pool and cabanas, it is also a perfect spot to relax during the day, including a full service of drinks and food.

Situated right next to the main road from down town to the airport and with a spacious parking lot, you can even come for a quick lunch, pre–order by phone and you can fit it into your lunch break.

Try one of their homemade fresh juices like apple juice, lemonade and our personal favorite, homemade ginger ale. When it’s your day off or vacation, add some alcohol to create a great cocktail.

The menu offers you not only a juicy burger and French fries, but also duck liver, a Thai curry and not to forget a fresh catch, a broad variety to choose from. Besides the great bottle wine and champagne selection, you have many open bottles served by the glass. Keep checking their specials too and don’t miss out on, for example, “first class” French oysters.

The restaurant is airy and spacious, but for those who would like to try the food, but prefer to dine at home, you can order take out or order via Dinner in a Box for home delivery.

What’s to come

Of course, in the situation we are living in, you can’t plan much ahead, but the two would like to have live music, BBQ and live cooking nights as soon as possible.

When the island is busier, the restaurant will expand its seating right on the dock of the marina.

Check it out – Its always open – easy enough.


Kaya Internationaal #90,

Phone +599 701 2998

Open 7 days a week nonstop 7 am – 10 pm

Facebook: TheDockBonaire

IG: the.dock.bonaire

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