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Successful Green Destination Seminar

Press Release TCB Friday, November 3rd 2017

Tourism Corporation Bonaire organized a seminar with as topic: Bonaire, The Green Destination that took place on October 26th, 2017 at the Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire. It was a successful seminar where a lot of people showed interest and attended the seminar. It is of great importance for the island to know and understand of having a green destination. This seminar helped in giving the community more information on what is already going on on the island and the future plans.

A number of local companies presented what they are currently doing and what their future plans are in creating sustainability. A few of the companies that presented were: Selibon, WEB, STINAPA and Delfins Beach Resort.

While other companies like PUM and Green Destination came and gave their insights and expertise on this topic. There was also an area outside the conference room where Bay West showed their biodegradable and green products, while Kooyman had their sustainable products. Selibon also showed their new garbage containers that will help in sorting the garbage like metal, glass, plastic etc. that will be introduced to companies.

Bonaire already has the knowledge of being sustainable; now the focus is to broaden this knowledge in hopes that more and more people will start making use of sustainable products.

TCB would like to give a special thanks to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Selibon, Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire and Telbo for helping in making this seminar possible and also a thank you goes to all the speakers and the attendees.

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