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STINAPA Junior Ranger Graduation

Press Release STINAPA

On Thursday, June 28th, the graduation ceremony took place for the STINAPA Junior Rangers. For a whole school year, the youngsters dedicate 2 days per week to the program.

Desiree Croes, coordinator of the Nature and Environmental Education Department of STINAPA, is the one responsible for the execution of this program.

The evening was organized by a team of Junior Rangers and they have thought of every little detail possible.

A grand total of 39 young people between the ages 12 to 21, during the school year, faithfully spent their time learning about nature and have also voluntarily undertaken various activities. Every Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, full of enthusiasm and energy, the youth came together. Not only to learn but also to have a lot of fun together. These young people not only learn about the nature and environment of our island, but also get the chance to show their capacity as leaders and learn to respectfully listen to the opinion of another, even if you disagree.

Every year the STINAPA Junior Rangers awards some people that in their eyes have contributed to nature and the environment. This year the STINAPA Junior Ranger Award was given to Elsmarie Beukenboom, Elly Albers and Dee Pederson as nature ambassadors.

Without the amazing support, time and effort of volunteers and businesses of the community this program would not be possible. STINAPA is very grateful for the support of the following volunteers and businesses that have contributed to the STINAPA Junior Ranger program.

The highly valued volunteers of the program are: Kim White, Pat & Bruce Davis, Chris Ball, Suzy Swygert, Monalisa Domacasse, Sabine Engel, Diana Gevers, Scott Gilchrist, Aja Radl, Bette Wilma Jacob Eitze, Kevin & Sue O’Brien, Rayen Seraus, Mavelly Venlandia, Encho & Tracy Wanga, Marcel van der Kamp, Deborah Swackhamer.

Businesses and organizations awarded this year are:

VIP Diving, Cargill, Dive Friends Bonaire, Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, CRESSI/Theo Knevel, Kalli de Meyer, Stichting Jong Bonaire, Fundashon Cas Bonairiano, CIEE, Echo Foundation, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Bruce Bowkers Carib Inn, Mangrove Info & Kayak Center, Wannadive Bonaire, KFC and Woodwind.

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