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STINAPA Board of directors and management decided to end the relationship

Press Release STINAPA

Board of directors and management of STINAPA have decided in good mutual consultation to end the relationship. The director has resigned his normal duties immediately.

"Our director, Mr. De Wolff, has taken important steps forward in the development of the organization in recent years," said Delno Tromp, founding chairman of STINAPA. “Work peace has been created in this way, for example by concluding a collective agreement with the trade unions; the income of the foundation has almost doubled; relationships with different governments have improved; the workforce has been rejuvenated and the reorganization is in its final phase.

Nevertheless, we now consider the time has come for a director with a different profile, "says Tromp.

De Wolff: “The people of STINAPA do difficult work, work that is not always popular, on an island that has grown strongly in recent years and where the pressure on our unique and vulnerable nature, such as our coral, has grown enormously and where the interests are great.

I am proud to have been able to lead this small group of colleagues with a big heart for our island for over two years and I wish STINAPA all the best. "

The STINAPA board wants to announce that Mr. Peter Jager will be filling the position of interim director and he will assist in the process of permanently filling the vacancy.

The board and management do not make any further announcements.

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