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Shark Art Auction - Save Our Sharks Project by STINAPA

Press Release STINAPA

Shark Week is coming up soon! The fourth edition of the Dutch Caribbean Shark Week will take place from June 9-17, 2018.

Six beautiful artworks will be auctioned during STINAPA’s Shark Night event at Jong Bonaire on Thursday the 14th of June (7PM). However, pre-bidding is possible online!

All artworks were donated to the SOS project after the Shark Art Competition during the 2016 Shark Week. Important: the proceeds from this auction will go towards shark conservation in the waters of Bonaire. A big ‘Thank you!’ to our local artists for their generous donations.

Visit and make a bid as a comment underneath the photo of the ‘Shark Art’ you are interested in. Pre-bidding is possible until Thursday the 14th of June at 8am. The highest pre-bid amount will be announced on June 14th at Jong Bonaire Shark Night event and then the item will be auctioned live. If no one raises the bid, the artwork goes to the person with the highest online pre-bid. However, the pre-bid amount may be outbid at the live auction – highest bidder wins! Do you want to make sure that this beautiful piece of ‘Shark Art’ is yours? Come to STINAPA’s Shark Night!

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